Monday, November 17, 2014

A quick update...

Just wanted to post quickly and let you all know that I will be trying to take it easy this week.

After my doctor appointment on Friday, we had to go into Labor & Delivery at the hospital because I had high blood pressure. They tested me for preeclampsia, but the tests came back negative and I was able to go home for the weekend on bed rest.

I have a follow up appointment today. If I continue to have high blood pressure they will test again for preeclampsia. Apparently, it can come on suddenly so they may continue to test me every few days until I deliver. If I end up having it, they will have to induce me. 

We are hoping for the best and that they will just put me on bed rest for a while so he can cook and develop his lungs and other organs a bit more. The good news is, I am 37 weeks now and full term so there shouldn't be any health risk for him being born at this stage. 

Say a little prayer for me!

I will keep you all posted!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

Another week has flown by...

TGIF! Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant which means I will be FULL TERM! Yikes!

From here on out, I will probably be posting mostly about baby things because it is all I can think about... Sorry in advance!

Here's what I'm loving from this week (besides my birthday goodies):

1 | New baby gear!

I received my Happy Baby Wrap in the mail this week and I am so excited to test it out with little Camden! I have heard great reviews about these wraps. Any moms out there have experience?

I also received the wipes case and blanket I ordered on sale from the Little Bunches Etsy shop. Crystal (the owner) threw in a diaper clutch and pad for free! I was so surprised and happy when I opened this package!

Of course, they are all my favorite shades of grey...

2 | Baby clothes... Yes, he has more clothes!

Old Navy was having a sale and I couldn't resist picking up these onsies... I'm a sucker for buffalo check! And let's be honest... Camden is going to be a #Bachelor for life! No girl will be good enough for him ;)

A family friend of Bill's sent us a package of all Ralph Lauren baby clothes. I mean... that cardigan!!

3 | Seasonal Candles!

Yes, I broke down and bought some seasonal candles from Bath and Body Works! I couldn't decide between Spiced Apple Toddy and Vanilla Snow Flake, so I bought both in the smaller size... I can't wait to burn these!

4 | Camden's bag is packed...

That's right! It's getting real folks! I have his hospital bag ready to go... 
This weekend we will be packing our bags as well.

Speaking of which...

5 | I'm guest posting on East Coast Chic today, sharing what I'm planning to pack in my hospital bag!

Hop on over to Natalie's blog to check out the entire post!

Happy Friday lovies!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bumpdate + Birthday Recap

Let me just start by saying I am not a huge fan of the photo above... My hair looks a mess!
I am getting it done/highlighted tomorrow...

Plus, I feel like I am getting to a point where I just don't feel comfortable in photos anymore.
I know it's near the end, so I just need to get throught these last few weeks.
However, I am ready to have my body back!

Really quickly, I want to give you all an update on the bump:
  • I am currently 36 weeks and 4 days (less than 4 weeks to go!)
  • I have started to see my doctor every week now.
  • At my last appointment (36 week appointment) she told me I am 50% effaced and not yet dialated. She also told me baby is for sure head down and in position! I could already tell by his kicks in my ribs that he must be head down.
  • I don't know how big he is exactly, but everytime my doc measures my belly she says "normal!" which always surprises me! 
  • There has been a lot of pressure down there, but I'm not sure I feel any contractions yet. This makes me think we are going to his due date or past :/
  • It's getting more difficult for me to put on my socks and shoes/boots. I take at least twice the time I would normally take to put them on.
  • Baby moves constantly! Now, it's more rolling and smaller/smoother movements. I can tell he's running out of room in there :/ 
  • I'm still waking up about 2 - 3 times at night to switch positions. Sometimes I end up on the couch. It just feels more comfortable at times...
  • Apparently, another side effect of pregnancy is that I have started to snore! Poor Billy has had to move to the guest room a few times because of my snoring! I hope that stops after baby is here!
  • My hands and feet are SWOLLEN! I can't wear my wedding rings which makes me sad. My ankles look like cankles.
  • On a positive note, we are so ready to have baby Camden here! Sure there are a few things left on our to do list, but all in all I think we are physically and emotionally ready for him to be a part of our lives.
  • I have been day dreaming about snuggling our little baby by the fire with our Christmas tree in the background, sipping hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies! I need that time to come asap!

Now, for a little Birthday recap!
I was not expecting Bill to make a big deal for my birthday. We had discussed that we need to save our money for baby and that we weren't doing gifts for our anniversary or Christmas this year. Well, Bill was sneaky and ended up surprising me with a few awesome gifts!

First, he surprised me in the morning by bringing me Tim Horton's breakfast complete with a sprinkles doghnut! What a great way to start my day!

Then, later in the afternoon he surprised me with a little gift...

Remember that blog post I wrote a while back about my wishlist
Well, he read it!

As if that wasn't enough, and honestly I was not expecting anything else, he told me we were going to dinner at Rigsby's downtown. Another fancy dinner date!

Never to be the one to turn down a good meal, I started getting ready. As I was trying to pick out something to wear (because the choices are limited these days) Bill mentioned he had something else for me that may determine my outfit?!

Out he comes with a Nordstrom box!

And there she was in all her glory... 
At this point I was telling him we need to return it. That we should be spedning this money on the baby.

He assured me that it was something he really wanted to give me. It is my birthday, Christmas, push present, thanks for being pregnant and uncomfortable for 9 months gift!

I couldn't argue with that! I love this bag!

Off we went to dinner with my new MJ bag and KS watch!

Dinner at Rigsby's was delish! I got the butternut squash ravioli and ordered a "mocktail" once again :)

I'm so glad we got a few fancy date nights in before baby arrives. I really am cherishing these moments with just the two of us as much as possible!

Needless to say, it was a fantastic birthday! Thank you all for your birthday wishes yesterday!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday today! 

I'm happy to share the day honoring all the veterans that have fought for our country and freedom.

Please give thanks to those that have sacrificed so much!

With that said, I'm going to take the day off... of everything!

Bill is getting ready to go get me breakfast. I have decided not to get out of my PJs until tonight when we go to dinner. 

I think a day of R & R is exactly what the doctor ordered and is exactly what I want for my bday.

Have a good day lovies!

I'm back tomorrow with a new Bumpdate!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a fantastic anniversary weekend!

Friday night we had dinner at M at Miranova. It is one of the best restaurants in town and it happens to be in the same building where we had our wedding reception

sweater dress - Old Navy (similar) | boots - Target | blanket scarf - ebay (similar)

You can hardly see the bump in the photo above, but trust me... It's there!!
The blanket scarf is just covering it up!

They knew it was our anniversary, so they gave us an intimate table near the back of the restaurant. The waiter made me a delicious "mocktail" that kind of tasted like a grape spritzer. 

I had the fillet "steak in a bowl" with blue cheese potatoes. Bill ordered the NY strip steak and we shared the lobster mashed potatoes. Everything was delicious!

They even gave us a complimentary anniversary dessert! 
We chose the caramel apple pie... It was so good!

We decided to write each other love letters for our gifts to each other (1st year gift is paper). The note Bill wrote me is something I will cherish forever. I am thinking about adopting this as a tradition every year!

Saturday was spent shopping with my mom at Destination Maternity for some nursing items. I got a nursing bra, tank and night gown. She also got me a very comfy, fuzzy robe for an early birthday present. It is soooo soft and will be perfect for winter baby snuggles :)

Saturday night we went to my friend's house to watch the OSU game. They had an awesome spread of food complete with BBQ pork, mac & cheese, lots of dips and homemade buckeyes! I was in pregger heaven! We left at half time and of course, as soon as we leave the Bucks start to play better and ended up winning. It was looking a little rough in the beginning!

Sunday, we had a lovely birthday brunch over at my parents house. My birthday is on Tuesday (11-11!) and they wanted to celebrate our anniversary as well. 

Brunch was delicious and topped off with a birthday sprinkles pancake! 
My parents gave us a few gifts that were left on our wedding registry. I had no idea they were still active! But, it was a nice surprise!

The rest of Sunday was spent on the couch napping, eating and watching Netflix. 
I had all the intentions to clean our house, but my energy levels were depleted!

I'm excited for the week ahead! My birthday is tomorrow and Bill has something planned up his sleeve? He's being sneaky... 

How was your weekend?

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Anniversary Weekend!

I can not believe it will be our 1 year anniversary on Sunday.
Time has FLOWN by this year.

I remember how excited I was to marry Bill. I wanted everything about the day to be perfect.
It's safe to say that I became wedding planning obsessed for about 9 months prior to our wedding!
Luckily, all the hard work (and $$) paid off! Our wedding day was THE best day of my life. 
We had all our close friends and family present when we vowed to love each other for eternity.
How awesome is that? Oh, and there was great food, music, drinks, pretty dresses, sparkly decor, red and pink roses, lots of dancing and celebrity sightings of Elvis and Brutus Buckeye!

I mean, what else would a bride want on her wedding day?

The theme of the night was Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After.

The past year has been nothing but!

I love you Bill with all my heart and you continue to amaze me everyday!


Here's the music video of our wedding day for your entertainment. I could watch it a million times!
It really captures the excitement of the day and our personalities.

Lindsay and Bill from Jared Williamson on Vimeo.

You can view all my wedding recap posts here.

Tonight we will celebrate with a fancy dinner date at M at Miranova. The restaurant is one of the best in Columbus and it is in the same building where we had our reception (and the same catering company). 

Since year #1 gift is paper, we decided to write each other love letters as our gifts to each other :)
I am more excited about this gift than any thing else I could possibly receive!
Oh, well... Besides our son being born in a few weeks!

I can not wait to start a family with this man!!

Happy Weekend, Loves!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday | Blog Tour!

Hi Friends!

Katie from Katie Elizabeth nominated me to participate in a blog tour! Thanks, Katie!

If you haven't checked out her blog, please hop on over and do so! She is currently working on updating/decorating her new home AND she just got the cutest puppy! I love reading all her posts on the daily!

Below are the questions I was asked to complete:

1 | What are you working on? Right now just working on this post (obviously, Lindsay). But really, I typically come up with posts the day before! I try to at least plan out posts for the week, but the actual writing and content creating typically happens the night before. I do have a running list of ideas. Some of them make the blog and others just sit in my que until I feel like completing them.

2 | How does your work differ from others of its type/genre? Honestly, I just write and post about what's going on in my life and what inspires me. I feel like I have been very true to myself and trying not to give in to too many trends or focus on 'making money' off of the blog. I do make sure there are pretty pictures in my posts. I typically skip over blogs that don't use good photos! (Check out the pretty faces of my blog friends below:) )

3 | Why do you write what you do? I try to write for myself, meaning I try to post content that I myself would be interested in reading. The blog is also a wonderful creative outlet for me. I love reading other blogs and am inspired everyday by them!

4 | How does your writing process work? Like I said, I don't really plan too far in advance. I will jot down the posts' titles on my planner for the week on Sundays. The actual writing and content creating typically happens the night before or even the morning of sometimes! I would like to start getting more organized with my posting style. And I'd love to get into more fashion type posts... But, maybe post baby :)

And now for my nominations. I am a daily reader of all three blogs. Do yourself a favor and add these blogs below to your daily reading list!

Beloved Boston. Biana is just the sweetest blogger out there! She is always posting the best beauty, fashion and everyday life advice. She is host of the Weekending link up every Monday and I just love reading all her positive comments on my blog posts :) 

Cornflake dreams is also one of my favorite blogs to read daily. Jillian is also pregnant and recently found out she is having a girl! I love following along with her adventures around Charleston and she has a great sense of style!

Sequins and Seabreezes. Pamela has the best fashion sense! I love checking her daily posts for style inspiration. She also loves football, wine and cheese! Girl after my own heart! 

Today I am also guest posting for Amanda over on Kids and Cabernet and sharing my idea of an ideal Thanksgiving table scape. 

I'm also co-hosting the weekly Thoughts for Thursday link up with Annie and Biana! Lots of blogger love going on today! Make sure to stop by all the blogs below and say hi!

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