I Resolve To...

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Better late than never! Here are my 2013 resolutions...
1 // Plan my dream wedding with in our budget with out driving my parents or my fiance mad...
2 // Put some money in savings every month and pay off debt. My motto is "Debt free in 2-0-1-3!"
3 // Complete 5 home styling projects.
4 // Plan and style 8 events {not including my wedding}.
5 // Completely 'wow' my boss with my marketing skills and get a promotion/raise.
6 // Move in with Bill. Organize my stuff. Try not to go crazy with the lack of closet space.
7 // ONLY buy clothes for a specific occasion or if I am in need of a specific item. No more of this "I'm bored...Let's go shopping!"
8 // Lose a solid 10 lbs....I tried to do this before I turned 30. 5 lbs were lost while I was training for the half marathon...since then, it's all come back. Consistency is key!
9 // Become a member at my church. Bill and I have been visiting the same church for over 2 years and have yet to become members...I think a wedding is a good excuse!
10 // Be a better friend. Stay in touch. Send random "How are you doing" cards every now and then.
11 // Seriously take the time to learn Photoshop! I bought Elements and even downloaded a few tutorials...The hard part is finding the time!
12 // Purchase a DSLR camera and learn how to use it...
13 // Try not to over book myself...Say no to things...Under commit and over deliver! Less is more! Keep my work quality vs. quantity!
How are your resolutions coming along?


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