Well, it's been a busy few weeks around these parts! Here are a few images of my life recently via Instagram {follow me here}

Last Week::

1 // Started reading a new book and I'm really into it!
2 & 3 // Enjoyed some girl time, wine and cupcakes during the season premiere of the Bachelor!
4 // Jumped back on the work out wagon...I did my first Zumba class over the weekend and I'm hooked!
5 // My uniform skinnies, boots...just change out the top!
6 // Getting my life and schedule organized with color coded pens!
Over the Weekend::


1 & 2 // Scored some sale deals a la Target! And picked up some new fun Essie nail colors!
3 // "Popped" the question to my MOH and she made me this cute Power Point presentation  - "Top Ten Reasons Lindsay is Excited to be Engaged"! She's amazing...
4 // Hung out with said MOH on Friday night with her Mr...Fun night!
5 // Took bill out to dinner for his big 3 - 0 birthday! We are going on a ski trip this weekend with his friends for more big 3 - 0 celebration!
6 // Really enjoyed watching the Golden Globes last night, but these two funny people stole the show for me! I love them so much! PS - Anyone else left confused and blindsided by Jody Foster's speech? I mean, I think I get the gist of it...but, weird?

Also am obsessed with Jessica Alba's dress!!
If this dress came in white (and I could afford it) I would buy it for my wedding dress! Just gorgeous!!
Did you watch the Globes? Who was your best dressed?

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  1. I think my favorite was Jennifer Lopez... I'm obsessed with the illusion dress right now, because Nichole Richie was my close second. lol


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