Wedding Wednesday // Venues...

Well, it's 2013! The year I will get MARRIED! Crazy!

Being the planner that I am, I have already started the planning process...

I am spending my day today looking at wedding venues with Bill. I have always pictured a downtown chic styled wedding. The venues we are seeing are my top 3 choices located in downtown Columbus. They are The Ivory Room, The Westin and The Smith Brothers Loft (aka doc 580).
We are hoping for availability for November 9, 2013. We picked this date because we are both OSU football fans (Bill was the mascot, Brutus Buckeye, in college by the way), so we wanted to reserve a Saturday with no game scheduled (As of now...Hopefully, that won't change. We are crossing our fingers). However, if we love a venue, we may have to be flexible with the date.
Here are some photos that I have been stalking on line from each location. Hopefully, they will be just as beautiful in person!
The Ivory Room // I fell in love with the photos of this venue right away. It is fairly new and not a lot of people know about it yet. It is located in the Marinova building downtown (a luxury condo building, also home of the up-scale Cameron Mitchell restaurant, "M"). I love the dark hardwood floors, the sparkling chandeliers and the large floor to ceiling windows that over look the Columbus downtown skyline.

The Westin // The Westin is known as a historical hotel in downtown Columbus. Built in 1897, the Westin has kept a lot of the historic details and exudes luxury and elegance in it's grand ballroom where weddings are hosted. The plus about this venue is that our guests could stay in the hotel and we would not have to worry about transportation to and from the venue to the hotel. Since most of Bill's family live 2 hours away near his hometown, most of them would be spending the night. We want to make sure the location of our venue is convenient for our guests. The only downfall would be is pretty pricey.



The Smith Brothers Loft (doc 580) // I love the exposed brick and industrial feel of this venue. The photos on line look so pretty. The ambiance of the dark brick and twinkle lights would be very appropriate for a late fall/early winter wedding. There are 2 venues in this building that are used for weddings. The Venue is on the lower level that opens up to the outside, which seats 180 max. The loft is a two story space with the dinner and/or ceremony area on the top floor with the bar and dance floor on the bottom floor. The Loft seats up to 220. I would probably choose the Loft area just for the extra space and we would not be utilizing the out door space of the Venue that time of year. Only downside would be worrying about our elderly guests going up and down the stairs.



And I just love the light fixtures hanging above the stairway...


Three totally different venues with so many possibilities for decor. I am excited to see which space we like the best! Wish us luck!


  1. ooh so glam! you are spoiled for choice :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I am completely in love with every single one of these! I'm typically not a fan of hotel ballroom weddings, but that room is absolutely incredible. What a difficult decision you have ahead of you! I can't wait to see what you choose though :) xoxo

  3. Amazing, Its just like My love at first site to this venue! This fit for my Vintage wedding theme ♥

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