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Well, we booked our wedding venue last night....We chose the Ivory Room for November 9, 2013! It was my first choice and I'm so glad our date opened up. I felt like it was fate! I took my parents to see the space last night and they loved it. My mom was having trouble picturing where all the tables would go (it was empty at the time), but I assured her I have a perfect vision in my head.
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Now the wheels are turning with colors, flowers linens and details...I put together a little collage of the color scheme I am thinking of based on what I've been pinning recently...
{images clockwise from top left: 1 - source unknown? // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 & 8}
See the rest of my "Our Wedding" Pin board here! I have a ton of ideas that have been saved over the years, so I will be pairing it down...
The color inspiration was derived from the bottom left corner photo and the one to the right of it. I love the black and white stripes mixed with the gold and dark pink accents. I'm going for a whimsical, elegant, romantic, somewhat vintage look...Does that make sense?
I love the flowers and colors mixed into the bouquet on the bottom right corner. I think the palate would be so pretty against long black chiffon bridesmaid dresses.
Flowers I am thinking of using are black and white Anemones, dark pink Ranunculus, and perhaps mixing in some ivory and light pink Peonies as well as some fall inspired greenery...I'm hoping to make it to the flower market this weekend to put together an inspiration bouquet :)
I actually scheduled 2 appointments for dress trials for the next few weeks. I was going to wait until February or March to start trying them on, but a lady at the Bridal Show I attended this past weekend convinced me I should start now. Apparently, it takes about 9 months to order a dress? Depending upon if you have to custom order and alterations I'm sure...But, I'm not risking anything and I don't want to feel rushed.
Well, that's my wedding update for now! So glad to have the venue and the date set!
This weekend I will be working on a little nifty-gifty to "pop" the question to my bridesmaids! :)
More wedding updates to come...hope you don't get sick of it ;)
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