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I'm starting a new series called "Advice for the Bride-to-be" on the blog. I will be asking each of my wedding vendors to submit some advice from their perspective and focusing on their specific skill set. I think this will help any bride-to-be's out there and even if you're not engaged yet, book mark this series so you are prepared when the time comes!
My photographer was one of the first decisions I made regarding my wedding. I have known Sarah (Sarah Gaylor Photography and owner of the wedding photography company Love Junkies) for many years and trust her creatively and professionally. She shot {these} professional identity photos for me a little while back. She also photographed {this} Thanksgiving tablescape that I put together. Her work speaks for itself and I'm so excited to have her as my wedding photographer!
Here's some advice about choosing your wedding photographer from Sarah:
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When it comes to capturing your wedding- you know, the day you have dreamed about your whole life- you have one way of preserving the memories and details... Your photographs. Society thrives on imagery; advertising, pinterest, instagram- it's all visual. In my opinion (which is, by nature, a little bias) your photography, aside from the person you are marrying, is the most important investment you will make. It will not only provide you with something to look back on that day, but the photographer, yep- the person, not the images, matters. The sheer amount of photographers in a metropolitan area will blow your mind. The amount of talent is overwhelming. How could you pick the 'right one'? Here is a photographers advice as a peer, a friend, not soliciting your wedding day :)

So, wedding day is an all day thing. Guess who you will spend the most time with?? It's not your mom, maid of honor, or your future partner. It's your photographer. Truth. Our job is to be in the moment, capturing the joy, love, and laughter of the day, read: in your business. So, this brings me to my biggest and only advice I can give a potential client. Ready?
Why is this important? You spend a lot of time together, this person should make you feel calm, confident, and radiant in your wedding glory! Put your budget aside and really choose from your heart. It made the world of difference having the right person to photograph you and your vision.
As a photographer, we understand that there are clients for everyone. You are unique, and so are we. There is plenty to go around- no really, there is. Promise.
Bottom line, we should want to work with you as much as you want to work with us. It makes the world go around!


1. Research - ask your venue who they love! Google image search your venue, see what comes up. Ask others who have gotten married who they used. Still not happy? Consult the WWW. Narrow down by style, and budget (with photography generally you get what you pay for- the average in 2012 was $2300, however, the percentage of overall wedding budget is 10-15% on average)

2. You like what you see? Reach out. How do they respond? Indication of service and what to expect. You should have a great feeling right off the bat. Schedule a meeting. Do your personalities click? (pun intended, hehe) ;)

3. Discuss the options of price and packages after you know you want this person on your wedding day getting super personal with you. If its a mutual opportunity for the marriage of client/photographer relationship, you will know what your investment is worth.

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Sarah Gaylor Photography
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Love Junkies
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 Thanks so much Sarah! Can't wait to work with you!
Check out some of Sarah's work {here} and wedding photography {here}.


  1. I LOVE this advice and think it's spot on. I totally agree with her that photography is the most important investment you make (besides the person you're marrying), and I too am probably a little bit biased. But I think a good photographer is worth every penny! Thanks for sharing the advice! I can't wait to see your pictures!! Are you doing engagement photos??

  2. great tips. i'm getting married next year and need to start thinking about these things ahhhh! it's good to start thinking now about what i want in a photographer :)


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