Real Talk: Lent

Bill and I attended church yesterday and most of the sermon was focused on the sacrifices we make in order to better serve our God and our fellow man. I started thinking about what I would sacrifice for lent. I do not usually participate in lent because this is typically known as a catholic tradition, but I do like the idea of giving up something that I may take for granted in my everyday life in order to better myself.

I started coming up with the typical ideas like pop, carbs, sweets...I thought, well I should be giving up these things anyway...Then, I started thinking outside the box... I will give up one hour of each day to working out...See how that is "giving up" something? It really is the act of giving up one hour of my precious 24 hour days to better myself. In order to push yourself to the next level, to really start to be a better form of yourself, you must push the limits of your comfort zones outward. This is the only way to grow.

Then, I thought even further... What if I gave up caring what other people thought of me? I'm not saying I'm going to go all Britney Spears and shave my head and go on a crazy girl rant or anything... But, sometimes I hold myself back because I'm afraid of what others might think. Especially, those that are closest to me. I know that they have my best intentions in mind, but it can be discouraging when they seem hesitant or negative about a particular idea I have. True, sometimes I can be impulsive and want to accomplish a crazy project overnight. This is when Bill steps in and lets me know that I should really analyze the project and make sure it's worth putting forth all my efforts. Make sure the payback equals the hard work. Sometimes, however, the payback is not visible to others. Most people may see financial gain as a form of payback. Of course, it is nice to get paid for your skills...But, what I mostly find comfort in is seeing someone so happy and pleased with my hard work; that I get an emotional "pat on the back" if you will. I also like taking a step back and seeing it for myself and saying, "Hey, I did this! I did this...sweet!"

I am also giving up the notion of comparing myself to others. This can be a serious mood changer. Once I start on a project that I think is so creative and then finding out someone else has done it already is a heart breaker. Or when I stumble across a blog that is so aesthetically pleasing and well written with amazing photos and I start to feel so small in the blogging world. I am going to stop myself dead in my "boo hoo-ing" tracks and remind myself that I am different; that I am great and wonderful in my own way. I have my own path and my own way of thinking and it's ok. I don't have to have the perfect job or the perfect relationship or the perfect family or the perfectly decorated house because the truth is NO ONE DOES! It's all an illusion and I've come to realize this in my 30 years on the earth... No one is perfect. So, comparing yourself to others is a waist of time, energy and happiness...

 photo eef673eb6c774a7ae48288d257357c75_zps6ca50ba5.jpg
So, my friends that is what I am giving up for lent. I am not worrying about what others think and I'm going to stop comparing myself to others. You know where I may end up at the end of this 6 weeks? Happy as a school girl! That is the ultimate goal, no?
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What to look forward to this week: Of course some more wedding inspiration from some of my favorite blogs, perhaps a fun DIY project and a few hints about a possible giveaway on LL Styling Events coming soon!
Happy Monday Loves!


  1. This is a great idea, and so well put. I hope that you find it an easy, and freeing Lent promise to yourself... And something that extends past the 40 days.

  2. I love that you're giving this up for lent. I think comparison is something every girl struggles with. But just think how much happier we would all be if we stopped comparing our lives and truly loved eachother? I once was struggling with so much self-image stuff and comparison that I went on a mirror fast for a week. I couldnt look in the mirror for a whole week. That meant, no makeup, not sure if my outfit was really THAT cute and had no idea what I looked like. But the end result was that I stopped caring what others thought of me and was so much happier during the week. It wasnt about ME anymore. Im excited for your fast! Cant wait to hear more! :)


  3. Love this one! Ever since I've been 30 I have really stopped caring what others think and comparing myself to others. I try to remember in this over blogged/facebooked/instagrammed life people are only sharing the fun fluffy glamourous parts and that everyone has challenges and failures and problems. No one else is living your life so you have to remember to just listen to your heart and not worry about what they say.


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