Valentine's Day Cookie Party Revealed!

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The Valentine's Day Cookie Party this past Saturday was so fun! Thanks to the hostest with the mostest Debbie and her beautiful home. Here are some glimpses into her modern and elegantly decorated house.
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How much do you love the soft blue vintage sofa and that rustic coffee table? Debbie was also responsible for the food display. She had the smart idea of serving salty food such as popcorn, pita chips and humus to balance out the sweetness of the cookies we would no doubt be snacking on while decorating. Debbie also made brie bites topped with apricot marmalade {they were so delish!}. The drinks served were pink champagne, OJ {guests could self serve mimosas}, pink lemonade and iced tea. She also set up her Keurig machine if guests needed a caffeinated "pick-me-up".
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The guests were responsible for bringing pre-made cookie dough or pre-made cut out sugar cookies ready to decorate. There was an array of icing, sprinkles and other fun decorating tools available. I was surprised to see some serious cookie decorating skills from the girls!
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We invited our moms to join and I think they all had just as much fun decorating and chatting as we did.
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I had such a fun time crafting and styling this event!  Some of the DIY projects will be shared this week such as the heart drink tags for the Mason jars and the Rice Krispie treat pops that were given to each guest as a favor.
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Also, you can see how I made the Valentine's Day inspired center piece on my Vine profile {search profile name: Lindsay Kauffman}.
 photo centerpiece1_zps2039659b.jpg
I also gave Debbie a little nifty gifty for being such a gracious hostest!
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{chalk board mug from World Market}
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Happy Monday!


  1. What a beautiful party! Looks like lots of fun!!
    Happy Monday to you! :)

    1. It was so much fun! Perfect little Saturday afternoon if you ask me!

  2. Just came across you on Instagram! Cute blog! Newest follower :)

    1. Thanks so much Meggan! I'm glad you found me so I could find you!

  3. this party looks super fun and it looks like you guys had a good time! your friend's home is so lovely - love her couch!!

    1. Isn't that couch awesome! I should have asked her where she found it. Her house is so beautiful!


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