And the WINNER is....

Juliana Akers!!

Yay!! Congrats on winning my Feb Favs Giveaway! This lovely little package will be coming your way very soon! Look for an email from me shortly!
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Thank you to everyone that entered in the giveaway! This was my first shot at a giveaway on the LLSE blog and it was a HUGE success so I am hoping to do one like this once a month! Stay tuned for the March Favs Giveaway in a few weeks! :)
I will leave you today with a few of my favorite wedding blogs that I have book marked. I usually post some of my favorite posts from the week, but I wanted to give you a little insight on the blogs I read DAILY. I have been so inspired by so many blogs and look forward to reading and seeing what they post everyday. It keeps this little engine going :)
1 // I've said it before and I'll say it again... Hey Gorgeous Events is not only an inspiring blog, but Rhiannon has an amazing way of creating and maintaining a BRAND which is so important in this overly saturated wedding industry! This past week she realized that another over seas, skin care company had ripped off her logo and it is blatantly obvious. This type of creative theft makes me feel so violated. To think she spent so many months, blood, sweat, tears and dollar bills on this very brand and logo to have someone steal it and use it right under her nose... Enough to make you wanna punch someone right?! I'm all about inspiring, but obvious theft of your creative ideas is just wrong...Spread the word!
2 // Ok, now that that rant is over...Another daily read is Wedding Chics. Not only do they post daily wedding inspiration, but they also provide DIY projects, bouquet recipes and have their own little on line shop! If you are looking for wedding favors or bridal/groomsman party gifts definitely check them out!

3 // Ruffled is also a daily wedding inspiration blog. Ruffled is focused more on the vintage style wedding and also posts some great DIY projects.

4 // Last on the wedding list is Revel. Not only does this site post awesome color palette inspiration collages, but it also lists the source and cost for each item! I love exploring this site for different wedding ideas! It is so easy to get lost!

More daily wedding inspo blog list:: Every Last Detail, 100 Layer Cake, Oh Lovely Day and Green Wedding Shoes just to name a few!

Hopefully these lovely blogs will keep you busy this weekend... Any fun plans?

I'm having date night tonight with Billiam and tomorrow I'm headed to a couples' joint 30th birthday party {yes, another one! I swear I don't have that many friends...}

Have a fabulous weekend loves!



  1. gahhh, SO bummed i didn't win :( it was such a great giveaway, im looking forward to the march one! loving all the blogs you've mentioned too :) have a great weekend! xo

  2. I can't believe I won! I am so excited! :D


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