Wedding Details // The Guest Book

There are so many little details that one must decide on when planning a wedding. One of those details is the guest book, which documents everyone who was in attendance on your special day. Traditionally, a nice book with lines for names and a fancy quill feather pen would be placed near the entrance of the ceremony or reception area. Now brides and grooms are becoming more and more creative with the guest book. I have seen the photo book (such as a self made Snapfish or Shtterfly) with pictures of the couple over the years, or filled with engagement photos. Guests then are able to flip through the photos and sign their names or write a small note with a sharpie.
Of course, if you research the subject on Pinterest, you will find so many unique ideas it will make your head spin! Here are a few ideas I found to be pin-worthy...
 photo 43c909b5-b85d-422b-bf8e-d8e3a340aeaf_zps5e890b66.jpg
Find your name and replace with a Polaroid photo {via}

 photo 83803a5f-1a2a-4d67-b2d6-23ae672727c7_zpsa4d830e9.jpg
Guests sign wood letter monogram {via}
 photo 2b476069-c01a-499a-b48c-a8d085d8bc99_zpsbc00d5c1.jpg
For musical couples, guests may sign a guitar or fill out marital advice and drop into the guitar {via}
 photo 1fd980bf-e815-40a7-934c-b98d5e77c2d9_zps40d7918e.jpg
Or have guests sign some of your favorite vinyls {via}
 photo 783b2e03-b25e-4a29-96ef-3afa167792ec_zpsa9f65f59.jpg
For the couple that loves to travel, have guests sign a globe {via}

For more guest book ideas, visit my Pinterest board here.
What are some of your favorite guest book ideas?
If you are already married, what did you do for your guest book?
We are still trying to decide what to do for our wedding...More of my wedding details to come!
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  1. We did cornhole boards! They were painted white- with our initials and wedding date on them. And we had different colored sharpies for people to sign and write notes to us. We want to finish them with some kind of sealant so the marker doesn't rub off!

  2. These are the cutest & most personalized ideas I've seen!! LOVE the globe & replacing your name with a photo! too cute!

  3. Last weekend, my bride & groom had their guest sign a joggling board! We are doing a framed map with a large mat and having our guests sign that. Then we will hang it in our living room! :)

  4. We are doing something super unique......people will have to wait until August to find out! :)

  5. Love the signing of the wood letters! Wish I would've thought of that for my wedding!


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