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The adorable Morgan from xoxo, me tagged me in her 5 things post...So, today I will be sharing with you 5 things that you may not have known about little ol' me...

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1 // I play guitar and sing. Yep,  you heard correct. I have been playing guitar for about 9 years and my former roommate, good friend from college plays a mean violin! Together we have played dozens of wedding ceremonies over the years. It started with just our close friends and family and soon, word of mouth spread and before we knew it we were charging for these little wedding gigs! Last year, I believe we had about 5 weddings and this year we have 3 scheduled. I decided to take it easy towards the second half of the year to focus on my wedding.
2 // I was on the dance team in High School. I hadn't really been very athletic in high school and some of my friends were already on the dance team, so my senior year I decided to try out and I made it! I'm so glad I did because that year we ended up going to Nationals in Orlando, FL and winning 1st place in the "prop" category! On top of our pom, kick and jazz routines, we had a prop routine that incorporated a dentist theme...I had to wear a dentist jacket and dance with an over sized tooth brush...yep! NERD ALERT! But, it was so fun winning the big trophy and the shiny white "National Champions" jackets! To this day we call them the ugly white jackets and I have been asked to bring them to some of my fellow teammates weddings to wear for a few photos...no joke!
3 // I watch Dateline. Like I'm obsessed with it. I got Bill hooked on the show too! Some of our favorite nights now are those at home with a bottle of wine, fire in the fireplace...watching Dateline...how old are we? It kind of reminds me of those Unsolved Mystery shows we used to watch when I was young. And we have a favorite narrator...Keith Morrison. He's a silver fox, look him up...Bill and I even follow his page on facebook!
4 // Once upon a time, I was a Realtor. 3 years ago I found myself stuck in a dead end job that I was not happy with and decided to go into Real Estate to work for myself. I studied for months, took the classes and passed the test. I received my Real Estate Sales license in the Summer of 2010. I still worked part time in the leasing office where I currently worked, but tried my hand at real estate sales. If you don't know, being a real estate agent means living off of 100% commission. AND from that commission, usually the broker office that you work for takes a large percentage of that commission. I was living with my parents and barely scraping by. But, I did in fact make 4 sales in my first year (which is a little above average). I decided, however, that it was not the right time in my life to be living off of straight commission. I wanted to live on my own without my parents help. So, when a new opportunity came available with my old company, I came back. My real estate sales license is still on deposit and I could sell in the future if I wish. For now I'm loving my job, so I'm not sure I'll ever go back...
Which leads me to number 5...
5 // I am a Marketing Analyst by day. My current position fell from the heavens just when I needed it. I work for a real estate investment company that specializes in apartment communities. My responsibilities are to maximize an on line presence for all 50+ communities in their portfolio. This means monitoring the traffic to the websites, analyzing on line advertisements and also training property managers and staff on the different programs and systems that are related. I was first hired to help boost the company's social media program, but that was put on the back burner when we realized that the main priority should be websites and reputation management (on line rating sites such as apartmentratings.com, yelp, etc). After these systems are fully functioning, I will help the properties launch their social media campaigns.
Believe it or not, blogging helped me land my day time gig. The fact that I could speak to such terms as SEO, Google Analytics and AdWords, etc and that I knew how to navigate a business page on facebook helped tremendously.
I get to work mostly from home, traveling to some communities here and there for training purposes. Usually, I am in my sweats daily in front of the computer working on various projects and answering emails and jumping on conference calls. Blogging and event planning are my second full time job. Someday I would love to be an event planner full time and focus on making weddings pretty and planning the perfect event. But, for now I am not taking anything for granted!
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 {photos above from the lovely Sarah Gaylor Photography}
Now you know a little more about me! I am tagging only 3 ladies for this one...Ashley, Mae and Jacqueline. Take it away ladies!


  1. love reading more about you! i used to dance and although i'm not very good, i play guitar too! thanks for the tag, lady! i'll have to get thinking on it. xx

  2. love love love this Lindsay! my favorite part of the blogging world is getting to make connections! you're such a doll. thanks for sharing and for the tag! so funny that we both play in real estate! I gotta start working on my post! xoxo

  3. I just found you through Miss Morgan, love your bloggy & I love your 5 things!! Have a great Wednesday!



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