Engagement Photos!

Sorry for the delay on these! I meant to post them on Friday, but time slipped away from me as it often does.
These were shot in Old Dublin, which is a suburb of Columbus. There are cute little stone and brick shops and restaurants that line the streets and it is the spot where Bill and I had our first date (J. Lui)!
It was a bright and sunny day, but kinda chilly so I think I took advantage of all the hugging and cuddling close posses with Bill :)
Thank you to Sarah Gaylor of Love Junkies for capturing all these beautiful images!

 photo f9830eb7-f551-4c44-b4fa-9e4f7f8382bd_zps40b2f781.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30103528-3_zpsb496c567.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30103553-4_zps485da25c.jpg  
 photo 2013-03-30103707-1_zps633dc763.jpg

We stopped at the Jeni's ice cream shop for a little treat! I love some of these candid shots we got.
 photo 2013-03-30104142-1_zpsb4a31fb9.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30104833-1_zps6cbf5117.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30110845-1_zps09713b5c.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30111532-1_zps924cfb78.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30111638-1_zps6a25e778.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30111654-4_zps0c2d9a6c.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30111812-1_zps00a3fa34.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30112354-1_zps9c578722.jpg
 There were so many that we loved, it was hard to pick just a few to post!
I will post part II with some bloopers tomorrow :)


  1. These are gorgeous!!! And now I want Jeni's...

  2. LOVE THEM!!!! The ice cream shop ones are my fave :)

  3. they turned out so cute!! :) LOVE old dublin of course!!

  4. You are a doll!! Love them and I love the outfits y'all chose!! So so cute!!!!

  5. LOVE these lady!!! Love the ice cream ones!! :)

  6. Awwww... These came out so cute!! Love your outfits!
    Mind sharing where your peach top is from?? :)


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