Styled // Cinco de Mayo Dinner Party!

I had so much fun styling and planning this little dinner party in honor of Cinco de Mayo! My close friends {and a few of my bridesmaids} joined me for some Skinnygirl Margaritas, my famous layered bean dip, lettuce tacos and laughs! We wanted to get together to brainstorm for a new business venture we are planning together...more on that later...for now, I will be photo-bombing you with images from the night via my new Nikon D5100! Enjoy!{Bare with me while I learn how to use this thing! I think I did pretty well for my first photo shoot, no?}
 photo 8a482d9b-ac7f-4ce8-987f-1b39752a1dd7_zps99a3b9cd.jpg
 photo 61e9ee5c-dd45-4528-b124-b34dfdaac899_zps66908b6b.jpg
 photo 9cb0b4b1-3fb8-451b-81b3-8f1611925a8e_zps77dbeb8c.jpg
 photo 45b18615-3ae2-4625-9483-e507ef62a2f2_zps8de715a6.jpg
 photo ad7e584d-1cd3-4fe3-a239-a289ad5115ad_zpsc6a97bd0.jpg
 photo 48c9b002-096b-40a8-97d1-f4c624c1f135_zps2c15487e.jpg
 photo 9ed25bde-89d7-408f-8cf3-541dc8522dfa_zps3dbf13ed.jpg
 photo 7bd93145-f207-49e5-babb-264762a4dfff_zps3cf0a842.jpg
 photo 077e1ec1-7dec-4e0a-91b7-4f166a7d1d70_zps9aecbd7a.jpg
 photo 7534719e-e930-4462-9bfc-8fb917cbb594_zps25802084.jpg
 photo 84125ff2-db3a-42b9-a718-c6f9864c7763_zps5b858a70.jpg
 photo 66f94498-5b9f-4c10-b53d-0ffa6cf0c897_zpsbe63cf3b.jpg
 photo db959c7f-b081-4d9e-9b71-2d33bd910027_zps3125eebb.jpg
 photo 26cbb963-8f01-449c-b62e-f8ad5a5c437f_zpsb634b319.jpg
 photo cad866aa-7558-46fa-b09c-f4f50b4d46fc_zpse8b6d986.jpg
 photo 18c10e42-24f4-4c58-889f-d19dc26f4911_zps1cca9abf.jpg
 photo 0e18548a-fab3-4b63-be25-903f298ea89f_zps49e4c429.jpg
 photo 8670d74a-7180-4a91-bec0-12f255d19ccf_zpse02a8465.jpg
We ended the night outside with our margs enjoying the beautiful weather!
Cinco de Mayo Dinner Party
Skinnygirl Margaritas
Corona Light with lime
My famous layered Mexican bean dip
blue corn chips
Main course:
Lettuce tacos with ground turkey {recipe inspiration here}
Taco bar with all the toppings
Fringe tissue paper for banner and table runner
Succulents in a glass vase
Mixed flower bouquet from Trader Joes
Small square vases and large vase from Target
Name and straw flags made by me, font used: Carolina Pro Black
Black and white striped straws from Etsy
Margarita glasses and sombreros borrowed
Thanks for being good sports and letting me photograph you in your sombreros ladies! :)
This is such an easy little dinner party set up that you could put together this weekend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your friends and/or family!
How will you be celebrating the holiday? Or are you partaking in any Derby celebrations?


  1. I always love an excuse to celebrate with girlfriends! This looks so much fun! Love the fun bright colors, decorations, and yummy food. Great job! P.S. Your pics look great with your new camera! ;)

  2. That's the way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!!! Looks like fun!




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