Weekend Update

This weekend was jam packed with fun! I'm so sad it's over...Let's reminisce via photos...
Friday: Bill and I had a lovely date night on the patio of one of our favorite restaurants, Bonefish Grill...
 photo 44948c25-b5c1-4fa0-96e8-5d0120fb7c5e_zps12afcc1b.jpg
We ended the night at the Movie Tavern and saw Oblivion with Tom Cruise. It was surprisingly a really good movie and even had a sappy love story! Great date flick!
Saturday: I was planning on meeting a friend and going to the Worthington Farmer's Market, but time got away form us and we realized that it ended at noon and we would not make it. So, instead, we had lunch at the Greek Tavern in Upper Arlington and walked over to the Giant Eagle Market District.
 photo fc6c73a2-59a0-45d3-bbcc-783f0842ce0a_zps1ff1b8e4.jpg
{Dress and sandals: Target}
I was all dressed for what I thought was warm weather, but when I stepped outside, quickly realized there was a little chill in the air. So, I changed into jeans and a top for our lunch date, but at least I was having a good curly hair day!
 photo 5fef20df-f9d9-4d85-b88f-f3f5c19d1318_zpsbc086b04.jpg
We enjoyed some yummy gilato while walking around the market! I had salty caramel {delish!} and she had cookies and cream.
Saturday afternoon was spent at the garden center and "yardening" with Bill. I potted a few of my herb plants I picked up this weekend. I had these 3 pots that I painted with chalk board paint for an event last year that I thought would work perfect.
 photo 3f96521d-6a59-42f9-b49c-fd2718d96ebd_zps5a538574.jpg

We also got a few hanging pots of flowers for the back patio...
 photo 53c4bb7a-3c1e-4963-aea4-cfcb75be3510_zpse33b3f58.jpg
We also picked up some pretty pink flowers for the pots on the front porch...
 photo ac20ee2d-3cb4-4a5b-a48a-e342a2714b3d_zps4a2191fd.jpg
Also, spent a the afternoon pulling weeds and dead tulips in the front yard...We had pretty yellow and red tulips that bloom every Spring and they died so quickly :(
 photo 3de1233e-64f4-4e68-beee-fab983c4149d_zps7784fe96.jpg

The area in front of our bushes looks so bare now! I think I want to fill it with some new flowers :)

Do you see my little Peony plant that I planted this weekend too?
 photo 1f0d332a-36c0-4def-ae5c-e7de61254650_zps8470a522.jpg
I'm so excited to watch these little guys bloom! They are already starting to open up!
Saturday night was spent with my friend that just moved to German Village. We spent most of the evening on her front porch sipping on margs and beers. We walked to Barcelona {voted best patio in Columbus} for a cocktail and then ended the night at Roosters for some late night snacks!
 photo f5897099-ddcb-4ec3-81fe-0b0fcbe3c493_zps703aa460.jpg
{top and necklace: Francesca's Collection}
Sunday was a pretty lazy day, but I did get outside for a long run at Antrim Park which is my favorite running spot.
 photo b37e116b-5ed3-478b-8f28-2575ef12c885_zpsbd54ebd0.jpg
And last but not least, here's the progress of my little Peony buds this morning...
 photo b957340a-8b79-495c-a99a-2357661977be_zps24eaaf4c.jpg
They are starting to bloom!
How was your weekend?
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  1. dang girl you did have a busy weekend. oh and i love bonefish grill it is definitely one of my favorites, too!

  2. Fun!! You did have a great weekend and looked pretty doing so :)

    I saw that ice cream pic on IG over the weekend. I don't even really like ice cream that much but it looks SO good!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Gorgeous pics! Mmm that gelato looks delicious and love your Target dress :)


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