Master bedroom makeover inspiration

The wedding is over, we're back from our honeymoon and we are starting to clear out the boxes and get things organized around the house. One of our goals over the next few months is to redecorate the master bedroom. Currently, there is olive green paint on the walls, brown cheap curtains, brown bedding that Bill has had for many years and over sized dark wood stained furniture pieces that barely fit in our cozy sized master bedroom. I will spare you from posting photos of it right now...

My vision is to transform it to a light grey and white peaceful oasis. There isn't much light in the room, so I want to get light curtains to let in as much light as possible from the 2 windows and possibly a large light fixture for the middle of the room along with a few smaller lamps. 

Here are a few photos of inspiration that I have pinned...

Sources: 1 // 2 //

I love the first with the white walls and grey patterned curtains. This would open up the room and would make it feel bigger than it is. However, I love the grey walls in the second photo with the white bedding. I would take any of the light fixtures! They are all fab. 

I'm also pretty obsessed with the Moroccan wedding blanket in the first photo. They have been all the rage ever since GG posted this. They are pretty pricey though... Upwards to $400 or so.

I found the website for them here. We'll see if we can fit it into the bedroom make over budget :)

First step is painting. We are hoping to get the painting done by the first of the year. I will post the progress!

I also have a lot of fun posts coming up about my bridal shower/bachelorette party, our honeymoon, DIY projects and holiday decorating! I also will be posting photos from my wedding very soon!

xoxo, L


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  2. I think it is important to pick the right curtains, especially if the room is rather small and dark. I would also pick something light. I llike all the pictures you have posted here, especially enjoy the first one , it is also very inspirational to me !


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