Christmas in Review

What a Christmas it was! It is hard to top last year's engagement Christmas, but it came pretty close...

Here are a few snap shots of my Christmas projects and Christmas Eve at my parents' house...

I found the prettiest present boxes at TJ Maxx / Home Goods... I didn't end up using them, but they looked so perfect under the tree! 

I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest... I made these chocolate dipped marshmallow pops for a few family members for Christmas! So easy! 

Great idea for a kids project too!

Move over Anthropology mugs! I found this beauty at Home Goods! It even came with a saucer. I added a few of my chocolate dipped marshmallow pops and filled it with cocoa mix and gave this as a gift. 

{photo via my instagram}

I made cookie press or "spritz" almond flavored cookies! My grandma usually makes these every year, but last year she gave me my own cookie press to continue the tradition. It is so fun and easy! the cookie press came with a bunch of fun inserts for different shapes. 

My parents' Christmas tree filled with ornaments from Christmases past... I'm starting to dig the colored lights again!

Louie the Bichon and his Christmas Eve bow tie... Adorbs!

My moms nutcracker collection proudly displayed on the mantel every year. 

I gave my mom a holiday inspired bouquet and filled a vase with water and cranberries. Easy and festive hostest gift!

Christmas Eve photo opp... I got my sparkly necklace from Target. I also decided to get some low lights the last time I got my hair done. I think I'm ready to go more natural with my hair color...

Just a few of my presents from "Santa" aka the parents that still think I'm 12 and need to buy me gifts! Monogram gloves and blouse are from Old Navy. 

{Photo via my instagram}

I hope you all had a Merry & Bright Christmas!

xoxo, Lindsay

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