Four Favorites // New Year, New You!

It's 2014! you know what that means? Time to get my behind back to the gym...

It is so easy to fall into the comfort of home, surrounded by the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights and a cozy fireplace in December. The holiday weight gain has to come to a halt!

I am ready to get back into my normal workout routine. One motivating factor is new workout gear!

A cozy sweat shirt, new fun/bright shoes, full length tights to keep my legs warm, and the perfectly fitting sports bra should help get me to the gym. 

I'm all about the group classes. I am looking forward to getting back into Yoga, Pilates and Zumba! 

Speaking of, is anyone planning on watching the new Toned Up series on Bravo? I can't wait!

I'm linking up with Kristin and Ashlyn for Four Favorites!

xoxo, Lindsay


  1. I love that sports bra I didn't know spanx had gotten into workout wear! Cute pics! Happy New Year's!

    1. I didn't either! Just found it while searching on line the other day :) I may have to get one for myself.


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