Taking a little break...

Hi friends!

I am taking a little hiatus from the blog for a little while. 
I have been feeling a little overwhelmed in my day-to-day and sometimes it helps just to pause and
 re-evaluate priorities.

Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and enjoy all the support from the blogging community. I just know sometimes there are more productive things I could be doing with my time... 
Like working out? Cleaning and decorating our house?

I also need to focus on organizing my life and making sure I am spending the appropriate time with my husband, friends and family. 

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Have you ever felt the need to take a little blogging break?

I am even contemplating taking a break from {gasp!} social media?


xoxo, Lindsay

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  1. I can understand where your coming from, maybe try to schedule time specifically for blogging. That's what I've been considering doing. Even designate a blog/social medai free day per week. Where you can be productive, complete to do lists etc. I need to find a better balance as well, but then I'll convince myself I need to check out pinterest quickly to get some organization inspiration(or a recipe) lol.


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