DIY Spring Wreath

Happy Friday!!

Or should I say Hoppy Easter weekend :)

I was craving a little DIY project recently and I decided our front door needed a little Spring flare...

So, off to Michael's I went for some faux flowers, Styrofoam wreath and ribbon. 

DIY Spring Wreath

Supplies: styrofoam wreath, faux flowers (you will need a lot! Grab a couple bunches of hydrandeas and other bunches of small petal flowers for fillers, a few larger flowers like peonies for focal points), wire cutters and ribbon for hanging. 

Start cutting the flowers at the base with the wire cutters with enough stem to stick into the Styrofoam. I started mine with one bunch of white hydrangeas on the bottom left side for a focal point. I added a few of the big green leaves around the bunch for added texture. Then, start building around the focal point by adding a few of the larger pink flowers on either side. I also broke apart the other bunch of hydrangeas and filled in the inside rim of the wreath to add fullness. 

You want to make sure you continue some sort of symmetry on either side. I added the two big pink peonies on either side to balance out the wreath. 

I continued filling in the wreath with the pink and white flowers until all the Styrofoam surface was covered on the front and sides. I did not fill in the back so it would leave a flat surface for hanging. 

Tie the ribbon around the top of the wreath and hang on your front door!

Ta-Da! It's Spring! :)

Now that wasn't too difficult, right?!

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!


  1. LINDSAY!!!! This wreath is beautiful!!! I am SOO making this this weekend!! Were all the flowers expensive? Any tips?

    1. Thank you!! Yes, silk/fake flowers can be expensive. The larger flowers were about $4 per stem. The hydrangias were $5. But, once you make one wreath, you can use it year after year! I saw a wreath at a store last weekend about half this size and it was selling for $100! I definitely did not spend that much!

  2. LOVE! I am obsessed with this wreath. I think I'm going to have to give it a try- I love making my own wreaths.


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