Meet Charlie!

This pup has brought us so much joy over the past few weeks! He has also brought a lot of sleepless nights... But, when you look at that cute little furry face it is all worth it!

Interview with Charlie:

Name: Charlie Rumple
Nicknames: Charles Barkley, Chuck, Chuckie, Charle D (dog)
Breed: Maltese Shih tzu mix 
Age: About 8 weeks
Weight: Almost 3 lbs and growing! I should only get to about 10 lbs.
Teeth: just starting to grow in... I love chewing everything!

Favorite Food: Whatever is in my food dish. Right now there are hard pebbles. Mommy used to feed me soft food mixed with it, but since I have teeth now I only eat the hard food. I love eating!

Favorite Past Time: I'm learning to play fetch and I'm getting pretty good. Chewing on everything before my mom and dad stop me. Biting on mom and dad's pant legs when they walk through the house. Napping.

Favorite Toy: It's a toss up between my monkey and my cow... 

{please excuse our couch that need to be lint rolled badly!}

Thanks for your time, Charlie! 
You can go back to chewing on everything now...


  1. Oh my gosh - he is just the cutest!! All these puppies have me wanting one real bad!!

  2. SUCH a cutie!!! Seriously - like a teddy bear :) :)

  3. Awwwww stop so cute!!!!! That face!!! I would kiss his face all day long!

  4. Oh my gosh! This is too freaking cute! loved the favorite toy part :)

  5. He is so stinkin' cute!!! What an adorable little thing!

    I wish mine was a pup again...but then I remember she was a terror (probably the WORST puppy ever until THREE) and I decide I love her puppy stage more via photos haha :)

  6. LOVE HIM!!!! he is adorable!

  7. OMG how cute!! i have a Morkie named Charlie!! I want to give him snuggles!


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