Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1 // Running outside! It has been so nice out and the perfect weather to go for a run outside. This is one of my favorite pastimes during the warm months of the year. It's a time for me to meditate and listen to music while getting a good work out!

2 // A husband that will hang things on the wall for me as I am challenged in this arena. He is always a perfectionist, measuring it out perfectly. Glad to finally have these hanging in our bedroom! Gold foil southern vows print via Lindsay Letters

3 // The most perfect breakfast smoothie that I've been enjoying almost daily. 
Handful of frozen berries, 1/2 of a banana, splash of Almond milk, tbs of whey protein powder (I use Vanilla flavored), handful of baby spinach (can't even taste it!), blend well! Sooo Yummy!!

4 // I'm going to go all Jimmy Falon style on this one and write a Thank You note... Thank you Giant Eagle for placing the pre-baked, pre-sliced pound cake and ready whip so conveniently next to the strawberries... I can't hate on that marketing genius!! I totally fell for it!

{All photos above via my instagram feed}

5 // I hate to repeat myself for those that read my last post... But, I have to give props to the maxi dress! I have a feeling I will be wearing these a lot this Spring!

That's all for this week! 
Sorry I missed Wedding Wednesday! Things have been a little busy around these parts! 
I will be back next week for more posts about the wedding!


  1. I could never choose a favorite but I think strawberry shortcake might be my favorite dessert ever- so good! That's such a beautiful print & gorgeous wedding photo! I'm definitely with you on being able to run outside-- I'm not a runner but the warm weather makes me WANT to be outside, so it's added motivation to get moving!

  2. I'm so with you - there is nothing quite as great (and painful) as a run outside!! Love the quote next to your wedding photo- were those your vows?

  3. I'm so excited it's getting warmer in NY now too - time to run and hike outside! love your foil print.

  4. There are not many things in this world better than strawberry shortcake with pound cake.I love it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Your smoothie is my exact go to smoothie, so delicious and refreshing. We are enjoying the warmer weather here in Oklahoma too.

  5. Getting outside is always a reason to be thankful!

  6. There is nothing better than a run outside in warm weather! It's finally warming up here too and I love it. My grocery store did the same thing with angel food cake and whip next to the strawberries- it must be the spring grocery store marketing idea! That maxi looks perfect for summer


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