Wedding Wednesday // The First Look

Wedding Wednesday is back in action! 

This week I wanted to share photos from our first look. Bill and I decided to (well, had to) take photos before the ceremony since our ceremony started at 5:00 and reception followed immediately after. I was ok with doing a first look ahead of time. I liked the idea of Bill and I having our moment to ourselves before the ceremony and all eyes on us. 

After the make up was done, the hair was curled, the mimosas were sipped and the dress was on, it was time for me to see my groom!

It was a very windy day. My hair was a little tousled in the wind, but we made it work.

We both were a little teary and immediately embraced. 
I was so excited to see him on our wedding day!

After we had our moment, Bill gave me a spin. 

He seemed to be pretty impressed ;) 

I don't know why I love the above photo so much. I'm pretty sure we were just saying "OMG, we are getting married today!" or "Dang! We look GOOD!" Something along those lines I'm sure. 

Here are a few more photos of us after the first look...

{All photos by Together We Click}

That's all for this Wedding Wednesday!

Stay tuned next week for some group shots. 


  1. I love first look photos!! They are so special!! You both looked fabulous and you couldn't tell at all that it was windy!!

  2. Awwww not going to lie that made me a little teary too! So sweet!

  3. These are so cute and you look gorgeous! I'm trying to convince Brian to do a first look, I want to do one!

  4. LOVE these photos!! My hubby and I decided not to do a first look, but if I could go back, that would be the one thing I would change... I think a moment together before the craziness is so special!! :) :)


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