Bump-Date // Week 14

{Dress: H&M last year (similar)}

Officially out of the 1st trimester and feeling a lot better! 

We had to take this photo in the morning over the weekend (I usually have been taking them in the evening) and I'm noticing my bump looks smaller than the one I took at 13 weeks?! I have noticed that the bump grows throughout the day and now I have proof! (My tan is looking a little better in this one as well, thank goodness!)

How far along:  14 weeks! 

Baby size: Lemon :) 

Baby's progress: Baby is about 3.4 inches long and weighs about 1.5 ounces; he/she has almost doubled in size since last week! Right now, baby can suck his/her thumb and wiggle the toes! (source: The Bump)

Weight gain: Don't know... don't want to know! Two words...Pizza and Donuts...

Stretch marks: Nothing yet! Started using Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter on belly and boobs (yep, they are growing too!)

Sleep: Falling asleep is easy. I have had to get up a few times through out the night to go to the bathroom :/ The getting up to pee thing is getting quite annoying! 

Gender: Don't know yet... Can't wait to find out! I'm thinking boy, Bill is thinking girl. We will see who's right :) We will find out on our next appt on the 27th!!!

Movement: Nothing yet. Can't wait to feel this peanut moving! Hopefully soon!

Best moment this week: Starting to feel better through out the day. Able to get more done during the day. Finding more energy on the morning!

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender!!! Getting this burst of energy on the 2nd trimester that everyone is talking about. Starting to plan out the nursery :)

Food cravings: fruit, fruit juices, ice cream... The strawberry fro yo desire has gone down. Now all I want is smoothies from Pulp! Also, had a major craving for Papa John's pizza this week... We had it 2 nights in a row! Just love that garlic butter... Oh, and I had to get donuts for National Donut Day, duh! :) 

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing really out of the ordinary??

Anything making you queasy or sick: Brushing my teeth still makes me a little queasy.  Some floral scents and cleaning products make me feel queasy too. 

Labor signs: too early!

What I miss: I have been treating myself to 1 cup of half caff in the morning and ths has helped my craving for coffee. I have been missing wine lately... And sleeping through the night. 

Symptoms: Just a touch of nausea still right before bed. Very tired in the afternoon/evening still. 

Workouts: Went on a few long walks with Charlie. Started using my 5 lb weights to help tone my arms. I try to do about 10 - 20 minutes of arm exercises at night while I'm watching TV. I've noticed my arms starting to grow with the rest of my body which I am not happy about. Trying to at least get them toned!

Things that suck: Still feeling a little ill at times. Feeling tired in the evening. Not being able to go out and stay out too late. Not being able to enjoy a nice cold adult beverage on a patio during this awesome weather! Clothes and bras feeling tight!

Things that don't suck: There's so much that doesn't suck! Knowing all these little discomforts are nothing compared to the joy that will be brought into our lives! 

That's all for this week's Bump-Date!

PS - If you are pregnant and have a blog or know of any pregnancy blogs I should follow, please list them in the comment section below! I love finding new mommys and mommys-to-be!


  1. Looking great girl! LOVE that dress too! So pretty!

    <3, Pamela

  2. So excited for you to find out the gender!! I am loving that maxi dress on you with the little bump poking through!!

  3. You look amazing! I love these weekly updates. Thanks for linking up! xo

  4. Love that maxi and can't wait for you to find out the gender! I was so anxious to find out with our first. You find out on Brody's first birthday too!

  5. I'm pregnant, due with our first October 20th ! :)) www.twentysomethingmarried.blogspot.ca

  6. Love that maxi- the bump definitely grows as the day goes on in the beginning!! So excited for you to find out the gender- I'm thinking girl for you!! Have you done any of the old wives tales?


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