Friday Five

1 // I have to admit... I am jealous of those that can pull off a romper. I am seeing them all over and they look so cute! I really wish I could rock this one.

2 // Saw these cute little pom pom organic monogram pillows on PBteen and have been obsessing... I really want to get one for baby Rumple's nursery!

3 // This kate spade baby bag is on sale y'all... should I splurge?? I love that it looks more like a stylish bag than a diaper bag!

4 // I'm planning to stop by a local farmer's market tomorrow morning with a friend in hopes of finding some peonies. I have been searching all over Columbus with no luck so far!

5 // Don't forget it's father's day this weekend! We are celebrating with Bill's parents on Saturday and my parents on Sunday. There will be a lot of eating and baby talk, I'm sure! {card source: Etsy}

Happy Weekend Friends!!

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  1. that romper - amazing - sadly that cut I can't pull off either haha! I love the farmers market for everything but especially for fresh flowers!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I bought my bestie a kate spade diaper bag and she LOVES IT. There is a KS outlet in Atlanta and I can call them and place my order when it goes on sale there and they ship it to me for $10. MAJOR SAVINGS ON A GREAT GIFT!!!

  3. I don't think I could pull off a romper either although those who can look adorable!

  4. I am definitely too old for a romper but if I wasn't that would be the one I would pick! Super cute and looove the color!

  5. You know how I feel about rompers.....that bright orange one would look so amazing with a little Summer tan right?

  6. Love those pillows. I want peonies from the farmers market! I say get the Kate Spade bag. I validate that by it being on sale lol. XO

  7. I am definitely not a romper girl. I think maybe I'm just a few years too old. :)
    But I do love those pillows! Anything with poms and I'm in! Same goes for peonies. They just make me smile.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Do you have a KS outlet near you? They always have a ton of diaper bags so cheap!! I so wish I could pull off a romper but I'm too tall and my torso is too long.


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