Friday Five

1 // Have you guys seen the new PINK Ray Bans? These are on my wish list! See more of my wishlist and products I love here

2 // I am working on sprucing up our dining room area (before and after post coming soon) and I want to do a photo collage, much like this one, on one of the blank walls. Just need to find the perfect frames. (photo source)

3 // Along with the dining room makeover, I am planning on purchasing this console table for the back wall. We have the perfect art piece to center over it. Can't wait to reveal!

4 // Speaking of reveal... We find out the gender of #rumplebaby2014 in 1 week!! We are planning to have a small get together with our immediate families for the officialy reveal. I'm hoping to get a cake made like this one and will have both our moms cut into it! :)

5 // Skittles have been running my life this week... I have to have at least one bag a day!

This weekend Bill and I are planning to clean out our 'guest room' and sell all the old furniture in there to make room for baby's nursery! I can't wait to start the decorating process!

What are you up to this weekend?

I'm linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites! 


  1. I love that console table!! Hope the sale of the furniture goes well! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love that table and how those photos are set up! TGIF! Stopping by from Friday Favorites.

  3. Ahh those pink Ray Bans are fab (need!!!!!) This is my first time popping over from the link up but wishing you a fantastic weekend Lindsay xo

  4. Those pink Ray-Bans are so cute! Love them! And my friend did a gender reveal cake, it was SO cute!

    <3, Pamela

  5. Loveee that console table - I have been looking for something like that for awhile!!

  6. Oh gosh, adding those pink Ray Bans to my list - along with the blue mirrored ones I still want! So cute! And YAY for one week, do you have any ideas of what your having?! I'm going to guess girl :)

  7. omg. ray bans are in pink now? holy crap how did i not know this!!

  8. I've been eating twizzlers non stop and I haven't eaten them in years! I swear I'm eating like a teenager lately- tons of candy and junk!!


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