Maternity Must Haves

If there's one thing I've learned about being pregnant, it's be prepared! 
Whether you are new to pregnancy or you're well on your way to having baby, these items have helped me tremendously!

| WATER | and lots of it! I drink ice water with lemon all day long... The lemon will help with nausea too if you are feeling sick. It also has some vitamin C from the lemon so why not throw a few slices in. You can also add other flavorful fruits in your water to mix it up like berries, watermelon, orange slices and some mint! I would invest in a tall plastic tumbler and just prepare for that thing to be your best friend for a while. 

 | FRUIT | speaking of fruit, be prepared by stocking your fridge with lots of varieties. I craved fruit and fruit juices almost immediately when I became pregnant. I don't know it it's our bodies telling us we need all that vitamin C or the sugars from the fruit, but I have to have some sort of fruity goodness at least once a day. 

| Maternity Bra | This one came as a surprise to me. I had heard that you may get some soreness in that area, but I did not expect them to be this bad! I can hardly bare to wear an underwire bra for a few hours anymore. I bought a wireless bra from Target, but have started to out grow that one. I'm thinking of investing in this one or any of these. Sure they aren't so sexy, but they will bring relief! That's all that matters these days!

| Tums | In the beginning it was nausea, now it has turned into heartburn. Many pregnant women complain of heartburn near the middle to the end of their pregnancy. Mostly because the digestion process slows down and a lot of acid that is produced in the stomach moves up to the esophagus. Having some tums on hand will be beneficial at some point in your pregnancy I'm sure. And tums are safe to take during pregnancy.

| Bella Band | This one was a life saver in the first trimester when I was feeling a little bloated and still wanted to wear my shorts and jeans. It will help you continue to wear your normal clothes until later in your pregnancy when you may need maternity pants. 

| Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter | I started using this stuff all over my belly and boobs pretty much from the beginning of my pregnancy and I have seen no signs of stretch marks as of yet (fingers crossed!). I will put it on after I shower all over my middle section. I do my sides and butt area too just in case! 

| Fold over band yoga pants | These will come in handy on those days you just want to lounge around, run errands, go for a walk or a jog, etc. They are great because they will continue to stretch with your growing belly. I am planning on investing in some maternity workout gear soon, but these have got me through a few workouts since I became pregnant. If you are buying a pair when you are pregnant, I would suggest sizing up in order for them to grow with you. 

| Dry shampoo | Let's just say you may not be up for a shower every morning anymore. It could be morning sickness (which lasted all day and night for me) or lack of energy, but odds are you will be stretching out those shower times during the week. Dry shampoo will be your best friend.

| Maxi skirts and maxi dresses | These items have been a life saver for me. I wasn't ready to buy maternity stuff in the first few months and I didn't want to invest too much money in maternity wear. Luckily I am pregnant during the summer which means skirts and dresses are a staple in my wardrobe. You can go non-maternity with these until you really start showing which is great because you can wear them postpartum. Old Navy, Gap, Pink Blush Maternity and Target have great options on maternity wear when you are ready to take the plunge :)

These are a few staples that have got me through the first half of my pregnancy.
There may be volume 2 of coming soon as well! 

What helped you through pregnancy?


  1. Tums has helped me so much and I always have a small pack in my purse. I haven't been getting a ton of heartburn, but just when my stomach feels off or too full I'll take one. Also the fruit is a must!! :)

  2. Agree with all of these!! I didn't really have heartburn too bad with my first but this time around I have it all the time- Tums have become my best friend.


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