Friday Favorites


I dropped the ball on posting our honeymoon part 2 yesterday. 
Promise I will get to it next week!

Here's what I'm loving this week:

I'm loving my new bright blue mani. It's an Essie color called bouncer it's me from their neon line last year. I was getting sick of all the summery colors but, didn't want to go too dark already. I thought this was a good transition color. 

I've been craving lattes lately and this decaf, sugar free, Hazelnut Macchiato from Starbucks has been my newest addiction! Pregger ladies, we can still have our Starbucks! There are a lot of options you can get decaf or even ask for half caff. Docs say you can have up to 200 mgs per day. (The regular Hazelnut Macchiato only has 75 mgs of caffeine)

The hubs went out with some friends last night so what do I do? Make home made chocolate chip cookies of course! I used this recipe and they turned out so good! 


I've got to say that I don't hate the cooler weather we have had this week. Makes me excited for Fall and Fall clothes! Layers, boots, sweaters, beanies... Does it get any more comfy than that?!

I'm linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!


  1. I am so ready for Fall too! One of the first things I mentioned in today's blog post! I just can't wait to dress the bump in fun Fall clothes! Lol!! Hope you have a great wknd!!

  2. I'm with you - Fall clothes, fall weather, fall DIY!!! Love the new nail polish color - its so vibrant and pretty!

  3. Love that blue color! I'm so ready for fall- this preggo cannot handle the heat! I love getting my starbucks orders decaf- I'm ready for my pumpkin spice lattes to return :)

  4. I can't wait for cooler temps! Loving your blue mani, so cute!!!!

  5. Mmm I could go for one of those cookies and a hazelnut macchiato right about now! Have a good weekend!

  6. LOVE your nail color! I'm pretty much obsessed with anything in cobalt blue. And this girl right here is SO excited for fall. BRING ON THE BOOTS!

  7. I cannot wait for Fall temps! Oh and now I also need some cookies because those look amazing!

  8. I love fall! Especially for the fashion.

  9. I am not ready to wish away summer yet! But the clothes in fall are definitely better...


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