Baby Mama Advice Needed!

We are getting down to the wire, friends!

I have a little over 6 weeks until my due date! Crazy!

I have one more shower on November 2, but want some advice on a few items we have left to purchase...

1 | We currently have this Pack n Play which comes with a little removable rocking seat and changing station on top. I have heard from a few of my friends with babies that they used this in their bedrooms at night for baby to sleep in. Well, we got it all put together last weekend and put it in our room and I'm realizing how much space it takes up. Our bedroom is not that big as it is and now we have a king sized bed in there. There's hardly enough room to walk around the Pack n Play when it's set up next to the bed. I mean, we can manage for the first month or so...

I have heard from multiple sources that the Fisher Price Rock n Play is a great alternative for newborns to sleep in while bedside. Should we break down and get one instead or try the pack n play for a while? 

I like the idea of the pack n play because it has a changing station right there. If we use the rock n play sleeper, do you have to go all the way to the nursery to change diapers? (Yes, I am that lazy and will be even more so on no sleep!)

2 | If we go with the rock n sleeper, do we still then need to get a swing? I have heard that a swing is a MUST have, but the one I want (Snugapuppy Cradle 'N Swing... Gosh I hope this child likes puppies as much as I do!) is big and we have a pretty small family room. I know the mamaRoos have great reviews and are more compact, but are a little more pricey and I just like the Fisher Price ones better for some reason. Any other suggestions??

3 | I am torn with what type of bottles to use. I've got a few Madela brand (that go with my breast pump), but have yet to purchase or receive any others. I have heard so many differing opinions on bottles and it sounds like every baby is a little different with their preference, so I am planning on getting a few different kinds to try out. 

My question is, is there one type of bottle sterilizer, warmer, etc that you all recommend? I have the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer and the sterilizer on my registry, but do these fit any bottles? Are there any that fit all brands?

4 | Last, but not least... Strollers.. I have gone back and forth about these! We have not received one as of yet and I've actually changed my mind a few times with what kind to get. I have heard that the car seat stroller frames (or snap n go's) are the best for quick transportation with the car seat, so I have this one on our registry that goes with our car seat. We will definitely be purchasing this before baby arrives. I also want to get a high terrain/jogger stroller at some point. I had this Graco one on our registry for a while, but just changed to the BOB stroller because of how many great reviews it has. It is definitely a little more pricey than the others, but if we can get some good use out of it over the next few years, then it may be worth it. 

My question is, can I get by until Spring without purchasing the jogging stroller? Baby is due beginning of December and I doubt I would be able to get out and use it until the weather got warmer around Spring time any way. Can I get by just having the basic stroller frame for the first few months? Any other recommendations?

Ok, I think that's all the questions I have for now!!

Comment away!

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  1. I am no expert, but here is what worked for me with Cooper, and I am hoping will work with baby 2 in January!!!!
    1. Day 1 we put him in his crib. I stared at the monitor the entire night to make sure he was breathing, but after that night I was fine. He loved his crib and we never had any issues. I know it is easier to have them right by your bed, but Jeff and I decided the bedroom was going to be our space :) Many people don't agree with this, but it worked for us and I will do it again!!
    2. Bottles..Bottles are tough. Basically, the baby will let you know what they like! I started with Avent, but he didn't like that one, so I ended up using Dr. Brown. There are a lot of parts so they are a pain to clean, but if they worked I was fine using them! As for bottle warmers, I believe they work for all types of bottles. However, I do recommend not having your little one get used to a warm bottle. There is nothing worse then having to warm a bottle at 2 am or asking for a warm bowl of water at a restaurant so you can warm a bottle. Again, just my advice :)
    3 . Strollers...The clip and go is a MUST!!! Cooper was born in December too and I used mine until the weather got warmer, then I used my Bob stroller (which I love!). You can wait on the Bob until the spring!!!

    Hope this helps!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!

  2. Omg the rock and play is a MUST!! That's what we plan on having him sleep in at night, but also got the pack and play too. We also did the 4moms swing for him to nap in during the day. I heard sterilizing bottles is a waste of time and not needed, so we aren't doing one. Lots of people they just say they wash normally and put on top rack of diswasher or they have those medela steam bags to use. Also, back to the pack and play, they do have smaller travel sized versions. About the stroller, I personally would want to have one before spring but I think the snap and go would be fine. We LOVE our Bob but also got the snap and go :)

  3. I so wish I could help you with any of your questions!! But for the stroller question - I think you can totally get buy without the jogger until spring!

  4. I am a first time expectant mother (due in February) and this is what I have heard....the Fisher Price Rock n Play is a must!!! All of my friends had their babies sleep in that at night for the first few weeks/months while the baby is sleeping in your room. The Rock n Play is smaller so it doesn't take up space in your room and it's on a slant which every mother raves about. Also, it has the mesh fabric siding which is a plus!! I plan on keeping my pack 'n play downstairs in the family room in the cases where I would need to change our baby without having to run upstairs each time.

    I had a hard time deciding on a stroller too! I think you can totally get away with using the stroller frame for those first few months. I registered for a similar stroller frame which I plan on using in the beginning and I also registered for the Baby Jogger City Mini GT which I have heard is great!! It is extremely light weight and has an easy collapsible feature.

    I hope this helps! Good luck with everything!!

  5. google just ate my first comment, so lets try this again..

    2nd time mom here... If I were you I would get the rock n play over the pack n play. You will need a pack and play eventually but the only thing I used mine for in the beginning was for a changer, and that you can do anywhere. The rock n play was a LIFESAVER with my last baby. He was ( and still is) a fighter on sleep, and he had reflux. The incline of the rock n play helped with his reflux and when they are in it they are kind of "snuggled" in, which he really liked. As for swings , I have never had a mama roo, but I do have the "lamb" version of the fisher price one and my son loved it! To me it was a little more motion than the mama roo offered and he really liked it, it does take up a lot of space , and I can't tell you how many times I almost tripped on its huge base..but it is worth it.. trust me. For bottles, I used Medela. If you plan on pumping and have a medela pump, it makes it so much easier. All of the bottles and pump parts fit together seamlessly. It was one less thing to worry about when I was pumping not having to think if I had grabbed the right tops or bottoms or parts. For a stroller, I would wait on the jogger. If you are due in Dec, you won't even be cleared to jog until mid Feb probably ( and thats if you are even up to it by then) , I would wait until you and baby are ready for jogging and then go get the all terrain stroller. By then , knowing you and your baby's needs there may even be a different jogger that you like better! Best of luck mama!

  6. Also, I second Katie's suggestion on the medela steam bags, they work great and are easy!

    And Abby's suggestion of not getting baby use to a warm bottle. I never have had a bottle warmer, both of my boys had there bottles served at room temperature or slightly chilled. When I nursed the milk was obviously warm but they were use to milk being served at any temperature so it didn't matter. It makes it alot easier when you are out and about or in the middle of the night..again, just a friendly tip :)

  7. I felt the same way about the pack n' play and hardly ever used it because it took up too much dang space. I'd go with the smaller option (or a bassinet) and keep some diapers & wipes in your room so you don't have to go to the nursery.

    I wanted a mamaroo too but because their time in the swing is limited, I thought it was kind of pricy. I just got a smaller swing that I could easily pick up and take with me wherever I was going in the house (to shower, fold laundry, kitchen - ect) if I needed to.

    As far as the jogging stroller - you can probably wait until spring. You're going to be so tired, sore and since it's winter you probably wouldn't use it until it's warmer out.

    Just my thoughts - I'm sure whatever you choose will work great for you xo

  8. Umm... Thank you for this post!! I will certainly be reading everyone's recommendations!! Matt & I just had a discussion last night about a bassinet vs the rock 'n sleeper!! We don't have a very big master either but, were actually gifted a bassinet already. I love it but, it's bulky & I'm afraid it's going to take up so much room that I can't hardly get around it. So, I put the rock 'n sleeper on our registries last night. If we get it, I'll just see which ends up working better for us. It's so hard to know b/c babies are all a little different!!

  9. We have a pack n play just like that one, and yes, it does take up a lot of room! I feel your pain with a small bedroom! We kept the pack n play in our room and really liked it. I've heard of a lot of people using the rock n plays, but we didn't have one. The good thing about a pack n play is that as your baby grows you can take the newborn napper down and then they can have more room. The rock n play is used for just a short time... As far as the stroller goes... You DEFINITELY want a stroller that your car seat can hook into. I can't tell you how much of a lifesaver that has been. Bob strollers are definitely way more pricey, but I've heard they are worth it if you will be jogging with it. I use my baby trend jogger for running a couple of times a week and it does ok, but I'm not a serious runner! lol! We have used our stroller so much. From shopping, to walks, to whatever. We love our jogging stroller! I hope this helps...Good luck with your decisions! :)

  10. HI!

    We did the pack and play in our room, and while our room was big enough, she never liked to sleep in it, even with the infant sleeper thing. Our daughter ended up turned into a semi co-sleeper, but then eventually was happier in her crib! The first few months they like to be super cozy, and I have heard the rock and play is excellent- makes them feel secure and they love the movement. On my next one I will either get one of those, a bassinet or a cosleeper attachment. Probably won't use the pack and play for sleeping.

    We let our daughter sleep in the swing sometimes (which I know they say is a no-no, but seriously, do what you have to do, it won't scar them for life!). The swing was so key. We had a Fisher Price one that she loved. I would say go with what you like, and don't go with something if it is trendy- the baby will only use it for a few months anyway.

    As for bottle, Dr. Browns was the best for us, though I nursed most of the time. The Dr. Browns help with gas and a gassy baby is not a happy baby.

    As for a jogger, you're not supposed to put baby in them until they have good head control, which is about 6 months, so I wouldn't worry about it just yet. I actually just have a Jeep brand one from a friend, but i am not a serious runner.

  11. Ok I'm not a mama but I love this post! I love the excitement you have and the community of all of these blogging mamas coming together and offering advice. I'm totally new here but I'm loving your blog!

  12. I feel like I have purchased every baby product ever :) I would say get the rock and play BUT it will only last for a few months and he will probably be in his crib then. The pack and play is great for the living room where you end up doing tons of diaper changes and naps. A swing is KEY but every baby likes a different one so maybe start with what you like then go from there! A snap and go is amazing to have and I highly recommend the City Mini as a second/older one. A jogger is great but so expensive and usually too heavy and big to use for much else. People are always selling them on CL and FB barely used and for significantly less! My kids liked different bottles so try them all and see what he prefers! Tommee Tipee was pretty popular in our house!

  13. 1. Rock n Play all the way for the bedroom!! You will not regret it. Move the pack n play to the family room because you're going to be changing like 12 diapers a day and do not want to go to the nursery every time. For the first month or so I kept the changing pad from our changing table in our room for middle of the night changes. We barely used the nursery the first 8 weeks or so.

    2.We LOVED the FP cradle and swing in our house. Miller probably took every nap there his first 3-4 months but every baby is different! They don't use it past 5-6 months so just remember that if you're trying not to spend too much $$

    3.We were huge Dr. Brown's bottle fans and I plan to use them for #2. Again every baby is different but we tried the Avent and Playtex ones and they didn't work at all.

    4. The snap and go is all you need for the first 6 months or so. You don't need to get the jogger until the spring. I would just wait until he can sit up on his own and use the jogger without the infant car seat attachment. The BOB is awesome but HUGE and you won't want to take it into any stores with the car seat attached bc that makes it even bigger. You can always find good deals on Amazon. They are worth the investment and have great re-sale value. If you don't mind used craigslist is a great option too. I bought a used double Bob for $400 and it's in awesome condition, she seriously barely used it!

    Hope that helps- can you believe how close you are?!?

  14. great post! i have a LOT of the same questions! we got the rock n play for the baby to sleep in the first few months, dr. brown bottles (still contemplating returning them bc of all the parts), the BOB stroller (which we already have and I LOVE, and the clip in car seat caddy (which we will use in place of an umbrella stroller until we decide we really need one! off to read all the other comments! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  15. My baby girl just turned 1 month old. We have both the 4moms breeze (pack n play/ bassinet) and the mamaroo. She has slept in the bassinet of the breeze from day one. The breeze is pretty large, but we just keep it at the foot of our bed. We do have to walk into the nursery to change her diaper at night, but that is just what works for us. The mamaroo is really awesome. She typically naps in it during the day. I really wanted something that plugged into the wall so we weren't going through tons of batteries. We actually found our's on craigslist for $100 and it is in like-new condition.

    Bottles are really tricky because I had no idea which would work for her until she was born. I had a few of a couple brands, but the medela brand bottles have been the winner for her. The Dr. Brown and Tommee Tippee just didn't work. The medela steam bags are awesome and I just those for sterilizing.

  16. With our first, we did a bassinet in the nursery, but I think the P&P would work. You'll use it forever...Ethan still sleeps there at Grandma's. Ethan also loved the FP swing...we will use it again come January. Last, I can't recommend Dr. Brown bottles and the BOB enough...good luck!!


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