Weekend Recap

Another weekend flew by!

Friday night my parents brought us dinner and came over to help with some nursery projects and to put together some baby gear. They also surprised us with our car seat! 

Saturday morning was spent sipping (decaf) coffee in Camden's room and pretending he was playing on his little football play mat :) Now that the glider is in and the room is almost finished, I just love spending my mornings in there.

Nursery update: One of the last items for the nursery (this grey pouf) is on back order! Once I get it and add the bedding, it will be complete and I will post the reveal!

Bill went down on campus on Saturday to tailgate with some friends for the game which gave me the opportunity to run some errands and clean the house a bit. The rest of the evening was spent very comfortably on the couch! I am realizing as I get closer to baby Camden arriving, my energy levels continue to drop. I have to force myself to relax and know that it's my body telling me to rest!

Sunday I attended my second baby shower that was hosted by my mom's best friend. A lot of my mom's side of the family was there along with Bill's mom, sister and sister in law. The theme was 'tea for two' and everything was so adorable!

{Bill's family: SIL, Mom, Bill, Me and Bill's sister}

{my grandma, me and my mom}

I am so lucky to have had FOUR (including the baby) generations attend the baby shower!

We are definitely feeling very loved after this weekend. I can't believe we have another shower in a few weeks! This child will be very spoiled with stuff and love for sure!!

Tonight we have part 2 of our childbirth class after work... Wish us luck! :)

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  1. Love his little football play mat! So cute!!

  2. That little football mat is so cute!

  3. How stinking cute is that football play mat - I know a few grown men that would love that LOL!! Sounds like it was another beautiful baby shower and I love the theme they went with!! Happy Monday!

  4. Loving that football play mat! Seriously your nursery is looking adorable! And love that shower theme. So cute!

    <3, Pamela

  5. That football mat is so cute!! Makes me want another baby!!

  6. We threw my sister a tea themed shower, so I know I'm biased but I love it and think yours looks lovely!

  7. The football play mat is too cute! We're just starting our nursery can't wait!

  8. Aw so adorable. Love the football carpet! I want it for myself lol

    Happy to have you as the Featured Blogger, thanks for supporting MMG :)

  9. Love that little football mat- so cute!! So fun that you had another shower Baby Camden is one lucky boy!


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