Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

I can't believe this past weekend was the last of October... 
Which means this weekend it will be November?!
Hey, time... Can you slooooooow down?

Friday night, Bill and I had a date night and saw the movie Fury. He went for the war movie, I went for Brad Pitt. I will say it was a good story line, but it was a little too action packed for this girl.

Saturday, Bill and I ran a bunch of errands around town including pricing and looking for deep freezers for our basement, random housewares purchases at Target (we should really buy stock in that store) and picking up a pumpkin for our porch. In the middle of all our running around, we did get to stop and have lunch at Tom + Chee which I've been wanting to try out for a while. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Mac & cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich? Yes, please!!

Saturday night, we went over to Bill's friend's house to watch the OSU game. He has a great set up on his patio including a big fire pit and a flat screen hung on the back of his garage with cable running to it so we could enjoy the gorgeous weather outside while watching the game. I'm so glad I got to experience the watching a game outside before the season is over. It just feels weird not to drink beer while watching football so I had a few O'Doul's. 

Sunday, I met up with some of my preggo friends and their husbands at Sunny Street Cafe for some pumpkin pancakes and baby talk! I just love having close friends that are pregnant the same time. We can all relate to the weirdness that is happening to our bodies and the anxiety and excitement that comes with being pregnant. 

After brunch, a few of us headed over to a local second hand store for baby items. I was able to find a Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller (or snap/click 'n go) that fits our car seat for only $28 ($100 bought new)!! What a steal! It is in great condition too! That checks off one major item off our to get list before baby arrives. Just a few more to go!

Bill and I also practiced putting the car seat in the car. It was a little confusing at first, but we caught on to all the buttons and pulls pretty quick. I think I have mastered the car seat!

Sunday afternoon was spent on the couch. My energy level dropped after our busy weekend. I was able to paint the pumpkin we got for our front porch, though...

It represents all our family members :)

Also, I am happy to announce that the nursery is ready for it's reveal!
Stayed tuned for Camden's nursery reveal tomorrow!!

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  1. Mac & Cheese on grilled cheese?!!?! Pregnant girls dream! So glad you found a snap and go for $28!! You will love that thing! Can't wait to see Camden's nursery!! You're doing so much better than me- I'm still not finished and have one week left! #secondkidproblems

  2. That Snap and Go find is awesome!! Second hand baby/kid stores are great because you can find so many good things that were barely or never used like strollers and play houses! Cannot wait to see the finished nursery!

  3. That lunch place looks amazing! You are so right, I can't believe that October is basically over! But your pumpkins look awesome :) Stopping by from the link up!


  4. Mac & cheese on a grilled cheese - I would have died and gone to heaven!! Great job with that steal of deal on the stroller!! Happy Monday!

  5. mmmm that grilled cheese looks so good! and omg great find!! i got the snap n go for our shower it'll be here soooon. our house is filling up fast! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. I'm tom chee obsessed. It's a problem really. I will probably get it another 10 times this pregnancy. haha but I haven't got the mac and cheese every time though, I like the regular with tomato on it too! also I NEED to know what secondhand store you went to to find that!! I need to get one!!!

  7. I have to agree that being able to have a cold beer & watch football/just hang out is something I miss. Not all the time but, it's certainly nice to do when you want to! O'doul's does fill that void a bit! Great score on the stroller!! That's awesome!!

  8. Cute pumpkin! And that grilled cheese looks yummy!

  9. YAY for the nursery reveal tomorrow! I'm so excited! And that grilled cheese with mac-n-cheese... genius. I may need to try this at home! Glad you had a great weekend :)

  10. 0k that sandwich looks beyond amazing!! Can't wait to see the nursery reveal! It's all getting so close! yay

  11. mac & cheese on a grilled cheese? lunch from heaven!

  12. Aw love your pumpkin :) Sounds like a good weekend.

    Thanks for linking up with MMG!

  13. I have no idea if anywhere in my town has a grilled cheese with mac n cheese, but you better believe I am now on the hunt. Oh my gosh that looks so good, especially with a side of soup :)


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