I thought I'd post another little life update for you all to have a glimpse into the new mommy/maternity leave world. 

Obviously, my world is still revolving around the cutest little chubby-cheeked babe and I wouldn't have it any other way!

First of all, it is seriously the cutest thing in the world when your husband feeds your baby! The photo above just makes my heart melt! All 3 of my boys together! *HEART EYES*

Camden cuddling with daddy! I want to frame this photo!

Bill has been such a great help recently and has been taking some night time feedings so I can get some extra sleep. That is the best Christmas gift ever!

We've been working on tummy time for a little bit every night and so far so good. He has been moving his head around a lot recently. He hasn't quite got complete control over it, but you can tell he wants to. 

I finally figured out my Happy wrap. I'm not sure Cam really loved it. He seemed to want to stretch out when he was in there and the wrap really keeps him scrunched up. Which I'm sure most newborns love, but this guy just loves to stretch out! Hopefully, he will get used to it because it would be great to use it more around the house and if we go grocery shopping or something.

Cam received the most amazing gift from one of Bill's coworkers last week. It is so soft!
The blanket is from The Minky Moon, which is an online shop that makes personalized minky blankets. Great idea for a baby gift!

We had a handful of visitors over the weekend and this was my uniform. Black leggings, black tank and the most comfortable, over-sized black cardigan. Perfect for covering up the post baby belly. More on my postpartum body later...

We had a successful bath last night with very minimal tears. He actually seemed to like parts of it! He loves his back rubbed and when I scrubbed his back he was completely quiet and seemed so content. I think we got the bath water the right temp this time and I heated the towel for him with my hair dryer for a bit before so it was nice and cozy for him after the bath. We are getting the hang of it!

Plus, he smells so amazing after his baths! We use Johnson and Johnson Baby Bedtime Bath soap and it seriously smells heavenly!

That's pretty much my life lately in a nutshell! The days and nights are all a blur recently. He is starting to sleep a little better at night, but I really look forward to the day when he sleeps for stretches longer than a few hours.

I'm hoping to get out with him at some point this week! I've just been too nervous to take him out on my own, but I think the time has come to venture out! Wish us luck!


  1. he is so cute!!! im so glad you guys are having such a fun time with your new bebe :) makes me sooo excited for next march! xo jillian - Cornflake Dreams

  2. That picture of Camden and Bill definitely needs to be framed! SO cute! And LOVE your oversized cardigan and Camden's Ohio State blanket! I think I need one for myself ;)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. He is so precious!!! Love that picture of Bill and Camden- it's so fun to watch your husband become a daddy and Miller is at the age now where Kyle is like a super hero to him and it's so much fun to watch!! Good luck getting out with him alone, I was a nervous wreck the first time I took Miller anywhere. My suggestion is target it's usually all moms during the day hours and no one cares if your baby is crying, trust me!! It's a good starting point until you feel more comfortable :)

  4. Aww, I loved seeing all of these cute pictures. Seems like you guys are all getting the hang of things. :) yay for him sleeping a little better at night.

  5. Precious photos!! Explain to me the extra sleep thing b/c from what I've thought/heard that you still would have to pump even if husband does the feeding so you don't lose any supply or get behind?! I, too, want Billy to help for some of those in the middle of the night feedings but thought that it kind of is beside the point if I still have to get up anyways to pump so I don't "skip" a session! How do you make it work?!

  6. Love seeing Camden's precious little face!! Looks like you are adjusting to mommyhood so well!! You look great girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Oh my gosh Lindsay. He is just so so so cute! And nothing better than that baby smell!! So glad things have been going well and you're all starting to settle in :)

  8. That picture of Bill and Camden cuddling is SO sweet! I am so excited for moments like that! Those little cheeks are so cute, so glad to hear everything is doing well!

  9. First of all, you look amazing, and OMG Camden is so stinking cute!!! You will feel like a new woman when you start getting out with him and I swear it helps get them on a schedule when you go out at the same time every day. What a sweet blanket gift, I need to order those for baby gifts!


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