Hello 2015!

I always love the first of the year. It feels like a blank slate and a chance to start fresh with new goals.

This year I plan to refocus my energy back to my passions and working on becoming the healthiest version of myself. First, I will be working on losing the baby weight! More on that on another post...

What better way to map out my yearly goals than by using my new Day Designer planner! Oh... And I needed a new phone case for 2015 :)

New Year's Eve was pretty low key this year. Bill's brother and sister and their spouses came to our house for the evening. We had a 2 and a half year old, a newborn and a puppy all keeping us very busy and entertained throughout the evening. At midnight we all toasted with a glass of pink champagne and I even got a little baby photo bomb of Camden without planning it!

Do you see him in the photo above? :)

Of course I had to dress him up for the occasion (and since I was wearing sweats). 

{bow tie onesie & mustache pants - Target}

On New Year's Day, little Camden turned 6 weeks! Time is seriously flying by!

We watched the Big 10 championship game Thursday night and of course I had to dress him in his best Ohio gear for good luck. Apparently, it worked!

{Ohio onesie - Homage | Football blanket and security blanket - Babies R Us}

I'm so excited to see our Bucks compete in the national championship game!! It's the Bucks against the Ducks! 

On Friday I ventured out to shop for a new winter coat (which I needed desperately). I have tried to put on my wedding rings before leaving the house and for the past 3 months they have not fit. I was so happy that this time they did! Just a small victory in my #operationlosethebabyweight2015 journey!

(please disregard my gel manicure that has grown out!)

I ended up purchasing this Northface jacket which is soooo warm and perfect for the upcoming rigid Ohio winter!

This weekend was pretty low key. The most exciting part was that Bill and I went on our first date together since Camden was born! We went to the movie tavern to see Unbroken. The movie was so good! I highly recommend it!

It was a rainy Saturday, so Camden and I stayed cozy in our PJs all day!
He has been having some reflux issues and I feel so bad for him when he seems to be uncomfortable after feedings. 

{yay sleeper - Baby Gap | Boppy cover - Pottery Barn Kids}

When I posted the above photo on Instagram, I got a lot of great feedback from other mommies of babies that have gone through the same thing. It sounds as though we may need to get him on some kind of reflux medicine. I am planning on calling our doctor today to check to see what she recommends. Thank you to those of you who commented!

I have my postpartum check up this week and I am hoping to get the OK from my Dr to start working out again! I can not wait for that first post baby run! Never thought I would say that!

Happy Monday!


  1. im glad you guys were able to go out on a date!! that coat looks so warm!! :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Camden is too darn cute!! Love his mustache leggings and can't believe he is already 6 weeks old!! It goes by so fast. I miss it {sigh} !!!

  3. Sometimes low key parties are the best ones! I am loving that phone case - I need to scope that out for myself! Anything gold and shiney is right up my alley!

  4. Camden is just the cutest little guy!! Woo hoo for getting your rings back on!! I haven't been able to wear mine for a while & it's killing me! I asked Matt if my swelling had gone down a lot after I have Jack if he'll bring them to me! Wishful thinking I'm sure but, I love wearing my wedding rings! Sounds like y'all's NYE was perfect!!

  5. Sounds like such a great weekend! I'm a Florida Gator so I have to say I'm a little sore that Meyer is going back to the championship without us, but its so fun when your team makes it that far! Especially when you can dress up your littlest Ohio State fan :)

  6. Looks like the perfect NYE! Love the little Camden photo bomb :) And that jacket is perfect! I couldn't survive winter without my North Face! Happy 2015!

  7. That coat looks so, so comfy... bring on the snow!
    I also could not believe the game the other day, unbelievable!
    Happy 2015 lady!!

  8. Yay for your rings fitting!! I just love seeing Camdens pictures - Hes ADORABLE

  9. OMG Camden is so cute! Love his NYE photo bomb! And love your new KS phone case! I got one too!! :)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  10. Camden is so so cute! I'm so happy you and Bill got to sneak out for a date night. Love the jacket'

  11. Six weeks already?! He is SO adorable! Both my babies had bad reflux, and were on Zantac which really helped Avery. Switching my diet helped big time too (no dairy unfortunately) but I hope he is feeling better soon!

  12. Newest follower! You guys are adorable, and that little Camden, what a sweet little stud! He is seriously precious, mama! I can't wait to follow along - & will even forgive you for being an Ohio State fan. ;) (Alabama fan here, haha!).


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