One and Two Month Favorites

So sorry I have been MIA the past week from the blogging world. Bill has been traveling for work and I'm finding it difficult to find the time to blog. Hopefully, I will get on a better schedule soon!

I have been meaning to post our one month favorites for a while now and all of a sudden Camden is TWO MONTHS old?! When did this happen? 
(PS - Planning on posting a Camden update next week after our 2 month check up!)

So, here are some of our favorite products from the past 2 months...

1 | Dr Brown's Bottles - I started using these a few weeks after Camden was born. I started using the medela bottles that came with my pump, but quickly realized that they let in a lot of air and bubbles and they were causing extra gas issues. So, after some research I got some Dr Brown's bottles and we've been using them ever since. 

2 | Footed cotton sleepers (this one is only $8 right now!)- My favorite are the ones with the mitten cuffs to cover his hands so he doesn't scratch his face. Old Navy, Baby Gap and Carter's are some of my favorites for these. I have him in sleepers almost everyday if we are not going somewhere. They are so easy to go on and off for multiple changes through out the day and you don't have to mess with socks and pants. 

3 | Gerber white onesies - The short sleeved ones are great for layering under sleepers and swaddles. I also love the long sleeved ones with the mitten cuffs to wear under swaddles if I leave his arms out during the day. 

4 | Nuk and Mam pacifiers - Since Charlie ate both of Camden's Wubbanubs, I haven't ordered any new ones in fear he will just get those too... Currently, we are switching between our Nuk and Mam pacifiers. 

5 | Pampers and Honest Co. diapers - I have been using mostly Pampers sensitive diapers (we are in size 1 now) for a while. Although, I just got my first shipment of Honest Co. diapers and wipes and am excited to try them out. Doing the math, it looks like I save some $ by ordering Honest Co. diapers and wipes, plus they offer free shipping and I can schedule my shipments ahead of time. 

6 | Aden and Anais swaddle blankets - These are great swaddle blankets with newborns. They are so soft and light weight, making it easy to swaddle those little babes up tight! We have been using these mostly at night, but I am starting to transition to the Swaddle Me Velcro swaddles since he's getting a bit bigger and sometimes is able to break out of the swaddle. 

7 | Gerber cloth diapers - These I use all day, everyday! I use them mostly for burp cloths, but they can be used for so many things. I use them to put down under his head if he's napping in the crib or playing on the activity mat (to catch drool/spit up). I also use these if we are out and about to put on top of our diaper pad during changes just for extra protection. 

8 | Boon Lawn drying rack - This has really come in handy, especially since I am exclusively pumping and bottle feeding. I actually got the smaller one and wish I would have gotten the large one. I just bought the twig accessory that holds my smaller pumping parts and the bottle caps and nipples to help save some space. I love all the fun flowers you can get for it too!

9 | Tiny Love Take Along Mobile - This was a Christmas gift from my mom to Camden and we have been loving it! It's great because you can clip it on to the crib, car seat, etc. The mobile spins and plays music. Camden loves it!

10 | Fisher Price Rock n Play - This is what Camden has slept in for the first 7 weeks of life. It is also really light and easy to carry from room to room during the day. 

11 | The Boppy Lounger - This thing is great for just lounging on the couch and watching TV. I love setting him in it in the morning and getting up close and personal with him to see those adorable morning smiles and to snuggle! I also put him in this while I pump if I'm sitting on the couch so I can access him easily if I need to. 

12 | Graco Duet Connect 2 in 1 Swing - It's a "2 in 1" because it has a removable bouncer. I usually just use it for the swing purpose though. Just recently, since he is a bit bigger, Camden has really started to like the swing. He stares at the star mobile while swinging and sometimes smiles at them! 

A few items not pictured are the new activity mat we recently got and the Summer video monitor we just started using since he has started to sleep in his crib. 

Mamas - Are there any other items your 1 - 2 month old is loving or has loved?

There you have it! I hope to post another favorites list for months 3 and 4!


  1. great list! i have quite a few things on it (whoohoo) and i have been thinking about buying The Boppy Lounger-- is it really that different from a regular pillow? we seem to have a TON of pillows and blankets now (my nest body pillow, breastfeeding pillow...) im nervous if i bring another one home my husband will freak. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Great list and pretty much everything we love too! Miller still takes a Nuk pacifier and Matthew likes the wubbanub so far. Layla ate them When Miller was a baby but has finally stopped eating baby stuff ;) Dr browns are the best- so many parts but so worth it.

  3. Great list!! Thanks for sharing!! If/when you have time I would love to hear how EP is going for you & what your schedule is like? I would like to EP myself but haven't had much time to really look into it & figure out a schedule. Plus, everyone I tell that I plan on/want to EP basically tells me I'm crazy & wishes me luck. lol!


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