Back to work (part time)

Yesterday I started back to work on a part time basis. I am lucky because I get to work from home 2 and a half days a week while my mom and sister-in-law watches Cam. 

It is bitter sweet that not all of my days will be filled with little baby snuggles and smiles, but that makes the time that we do spend together so much more meaningful. Of course, I know I have a great set up by working part time from home and that we do not have to pay for day care! I am so happy and greatful for that.

A part of me missed my job and the normal routine of working. Currently, I am a web marketing and SEO specialist for a real estate investment company and it is so fun to work on projects and learn more about the industry and online marketing. I really enjoy the problem solving aspect of my job and figuring out ways to streamline our web marketing and social media strategy.

The decission was not an easy one. Bill and I went back and forth for a while about it after we found out I was pregnant. The first thought being I would return to my job full time after my maternity leave. But, after thinking about having to work after sleepless nights, the fact that Bill travels during the week and analyzing the cost of daycare we decided it would be best for our family if I work part time. I am glad I do not have to completely give up my career in somehting that I enjoy. It will be nice to have some interation with the adult world too. :)

So, I have been working on setting up a comfortable little home office set up. Of course, I'm all about the white and lots of natural light for my workspace to keep me energized. 

I will spare you views of the rest of the room... Basically, just a queen size bed with stuff on it! This is our office/guest bedroom/storage closet room :) Doesn't every home have one?


desk | Target (I spray painted the knob gold)
rug | overstock
chair | Amazon
love pillow | Hobby Lobby
planner | Day Designer
gold accents (file holder, frame, box) | Target
iphone case | kate spade
'LOVE' print | Made By Girl
'Whatever is lovely' print | Lindsays Letters
pink wood 'L' | saved from my bridal shower!


  1. sounds like a great work situation... and i love your office! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. That sounds like the best of both worlds! Working from home is such a blessing! Your office is so chic! I LOVE this!

  3. I adore your little office space. It is perfect! Your Lindsay Letter print is beautiful - I just ordered another one a few days ago and can't wait to receive it. Xo, Stephanie

  4. Honestly when I finally get a house I would love/dream to have a work space that is this gorgeous! Currently my work space is my macbook on my the family room.....

  5. Your office looks AMAZING! I love how bright it is and all the pretty accessories - they have to make work that much more fun, right?! Thinking of you this week as you make the transition, hope everything goes smoothly!!

  6. Your room is gorgeous! Sounds like it's great that you get to stay home part time and it all worked out!

  7. Good luck with the transition back to work!! It does make the days you are home with him way more special and fun!!! And, Nothing better then knowing that family is taking care of your little guy though!!!

  8. Your office looks AWESOME! Glad you have the best of both worlds and a great set up for daycare.


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