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One of my goals this Spring is to work on losing the baby weight (it's been 5 months, Lindsay... seriously, get on it!) and working on planning my meals a head of time for the week. I've been pinning recipes that are easy make ahead solutions that can be stored in the fridge for the week. 

A big part of losing weight for me is my diet. I can fall off the wagon pretty quickly with just one binge of Chinese food over the weekend. So, I like to make sure I stay on track during the week. I've been trying really hard not to eat out during the week, and that has helped a lot with not gaining back any weight.

Currently, I've been hovering at about 8-10 pounds away from my goal weight or the weight I was right before I got pregnant. Now that it's starting to warm up outside, I'm hoping to start running again and working out more. I know working out can only take me so far when it comes to losing weight, however. 

So, I've come up with a plan of action to combat my daily cravings by making sure I have healthy, easy, grab-and-go meals ready for me in the fridge during the week.

I will post some of my lunch and dinner options in another post, but this one is all about breakfasts. You see, I'm horrible at eating breakfast. It's either a huge egg, bacon, toast meal on the weekends or none at all during the week (just my typical 2 cups of coffee). That is SO bad! I need to get better!

I recently found this recipe for No Bake Energy Bites and they sounded easy enough to make. Well, I'm here to tell you they are! All you have to do is throw the ingredients together in a bowl, mix and roll into balls... Now, that sounds easy enough!

| I N G R E D I E N T S |

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/3 cup honey
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup old-fashioned oats (raw)
2/3 cup sweetened shredded coconut, toasted and cooled (I used crispy rice cereal instead)
1/2 cup ground golden flaxseed meal
6 Tbsp chocolate chips

| D I R E C T I O N S |

In a mixing bowl, stir together peanut butter, honey and vanilla extract. Add remaining ingredients and stir until evenly coated. Transfer mixture to refrigerator or freezer and chill until set (I actually cheated here and shaped mine before chilling with damp hands but I think chilling would make it easier to shape them).

Remove from refrigerator and shape into 1-inch balls. Store in refrigerator in an airtight container.

These are so easy to grab out of the fridge in the morning and better yet, they are delicious with that morning cup of coffee!


A few other make ahead options for breakfast are my favorite berry-banana protein smoothies and egg / veggie omelet muffins

For the smoothies, I like to make little freezer sandwich bags with the ingredients in them so I can just grab and throw in the blender with protein powder and almond milk. 

For this, all you have to do is half a banana and put it in a quart sized freezer bag with about a cup of frozen mixed berries and a handful of spinach. Seal and make sure to mark with the date you prepared and place in the freezer. 

(see the recipe for veggie omelet muffins here)

I'm hoping between these 3 options I can keep breakfast easy and healthy during the week!

What are your easy go-to breakfast options?


  1. those no bake energy balls sound so good! i need to make those soon... vi is going through a growth-spurt so she is feeding ALL the time and im always hungry! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. yummm!....also try oatmeal (just plain rolled oats) with a scoop of protein powder! It is filling and supplies all the good nutrients you need in the a.m!

  3. I am on a serious oatmeal kick so I will have to try these!!! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. These sound so good, and I love the idea of separating smoothie ingredients in bags. Taking everything out for smoothies is the most time consuming part, so having it separated already is great!

  5. Three have been on my must try list, and I feel like with a newborn they would be good to just grab and go come October. I'm totally with you on needing to plan my meals to really lose weight. Before my wedding I cut carbs for about 4-5 months and the 10 pounds finally went away. Pinterest was my go-to and breakfast was the easiest meal.....those egg cups, bananas and peanut butter, and smoothies were me go to! Good luck girl!

  6. Great recipes (I make them all!) and I have to copy your smoothie prep! So smart and efficient! Also, your pictures are gorgeous! You have to share your editing tricks!

  7. These are all such great options! Nick will never make time for breakfast in the morning so I should make a few of these so he can eat on the go!

  8. Thanks for these great breakfast options Lindsay! I'm working on losing a few lbs. before my 25th birthday this summer.

    Happy Thursday :)


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