Our Days Together

Some of my favorite posts to read on other blogs are the 'typical day' posts. I just love to see how other people schedule their days and prioritize their lives (call me nosey). I posted a typical day with Camden a few months ago when he was around 2 months old. Wow, how things can change in just a few months! That schedule at 2 months exhausts me just reading it! And it feels like a lifetime ago! 

We are in such a happy stage right now with him. He is sleeping through the night (insert praise hands emoji) and I am officially off the pump (insert double praise hands emoji). Currently, I spend 2 days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) home with Cam. I absolutely LOVE our days together!

Here's what our days consist of:

7am | I get up, make coffee, prepare Cam's bottle.
7:30 | I go into Cam's room, wake him and feed him. He is not a morning person like the rest of the family. Sometimes I wonder how long he would sleep if I let him go (I know I should not be bragging about this... knock on wood we don't have any regression!!)?? But, I like to start our days at the same time everyday so we are on a schedule and he goes down at the same time every night. After I feed him, I change him and we are ready to play!

8am - 9am | Cam will sit in his bouncy chair with some toys for a bit while I clean his bottles and do the dishes. Then, I'll play with him on his activity mat or we will walk around and bounce/dance, read books, do some tummy time, etc.

9am - 10:30 | Cam will nap for a little over an hour before his next feeding time at 10:30. Sometimes he sleeps well in the swing and sometimes I put him back in the crib if he is fussy. During this nap, I will catch up on blogs, schedule out my day, start the laundry, prepare bottles, get ready for the day, etc.

11:00am - 1:30pm | After the 10:30 feeding, I will play with him for a bit more until his 11:30 nap. This kid loves his naps and will take a good 1.5 - 2 hour nap 2 - 3 times a day and he may take a 30 min cat nap in the evening. If he doesn't get good naps throughout the day he gets really cranky at night, so I try to make sure he gets some solid sleep in his crib for at least 1 of his naps. During the second nap, I will finish some house chores, follow up on emails, finish laundry, catch up on tv shows, make lunch, etc.

1:30 - 3pm | Cam eats again at 1:30 and then it's time to play some more! I really try to be very interactive with him while he's awake. I love spending time in his nursery too and away from the tv and computer so my attention is 100% on him.

If I need to go anywhere during the day, this is when we typically leave the house. If I go to the grocery or Target, Cam will just sleep or chill the entire time. He's a great little shopping buddy :)

3pm - 4:30pm | Naptime again! I will start dinner or at least plan for it during this time. Sometimes I will run errands with him during this nap time as well.

4:30 - 7pm | Cam eats at 4:30, then it's more play time. If Bill is home, he may play with him while I prepare dinner or if I go to the gym. We may go on a family walk if the weather is nice. Sometimes Cam will take a 30 min cat nap in the swing, but I mostly like to keep him awake until bedtime after his 4:30 bottle.

7 - 8pm | Our bedtime routine starts. If it's a bath night (he only gets baths 2 - 3 times per week bc of his eczema), Bill will start the bath while I get him ready. We love to give him baths together as a team. He's a wiggly little thing! He's gotten so much better at baths and does not cry anymore thank goodness. After his bath, I will give him a little baby oil massage and get him dressed for bed. We may read a book to calm him down, but he is usually anxious for his bedtime bottle.

For his last bottle, I turn off the lights in his room and leave the hall light on for some light. I turn on the sound machine for this feeding to get him into his sleeping mode. After the bottle, I burp him and rock him for a little bit (like 2 - 5 mins). Then, I put him in the crib in his Halo Sleepsack, give him his binky and he will drift off.

Once babe is asleep, Bill and I will watch tv and hang out for a while until we go to bed around 10pm. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into our days together. I cherish these days and am so happy I get to spend quality time with him while he is growing and learning so rapidly! Time can slow down now!!


  1. I just can't get over how cute he is:) We need to plan a play date when I am off for summer vacation!!

  2. You have such a good routine! He sounds like such a good baby and you're such a good mama!

  3. 'Day in the life' posts are always my favorite, too! I think blogging just makes us generally nosy but I love it! Glad to hear you guys have a great routine down and that he's such a good sleeper - knock on wood! ;)

  4. Girl- you got this thing down! I'm so impressed! Also....I'm going to go back, but I'm thinking about using those exact decals for our nursery too. Can you share where you got them and any tips I need to know?

  5. That's an awesome routine! I think I'll need at least four praise hands emjois when I'm off the pump. My goal is 6 months, and my sweet girl will be 4 months in 10 days. Man, it takes up so much of my time! But I'm too cheap for formula! lol.

  6. I love these posts! And that first picture of you two is adorable!

  7. These posts are the best! Love peeking into others' days, and you seem like you have a great routine down. Yay for nap time!!! :)

  8. I also enjoying reading blogger's daily routine posts. Camden is such a sweet baby boy :)

    Happy Wednesday, Lindsay!

  9. Love this! I started following your blog when I saw on Instagram that our little boys were born on the same day! Loved this post, our days look eerily similar!! When I doubt myself and think I have no idea what I'm doing, it makes me think, YAY, there's another first time mommy doing exactly what I'm doing right now :)


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