Camden || 7 months

(Charlie was feeling a little left out of these monthly photos, so we included him this time. 
USA onesie from here)

My baby is 7 months!!
He is slowly starting to look like a little boy instead of my little infant and it makes my heart ache!

He is really starting to have a little personality now. He knows what he wants and how to get it! He is starting to whine at night until we come into his room to soothe him back to sleep. He has been rolling all over the crib and at times it seems like it takes him forever to find a spot that's comfortable. I'm just chalking this up to a new trick that he's found and hopefully soon he will get into a groove of finding that spot a little quicker! Recently, he's been sleeping on his belly with his little lamb lovey under is arm and it is the cutest thing!

We are still trying to keep a good schedule for him during the day which seems to help him sleep better at night. He is typically waking up between 6:30 - 7am (with some exceptions of random 5:30 wake up calls...ouch) and bedtime is anywhere between 6:45-7:30ish just depending on what we are doing and how he's acting at night. I've started to just read his cues as to when he's tired to start the bedtime routine.

Naps are getting a little more challenging as well. I may get a good 30 - 45 min nap in the morning, about 1.5 hour nap in the early afternoon and if we are lucky a 3rd between 3:30 - 4:30, but I feel as though he may be moving towards dropping the evening one.

|| EATING ||
We still feed him 5 bottles a day (btwn 5-7 oz each). I tried to go down to 4 with little snack bottles with his baby food, but that is just so much more work (washing bottles). So, we do morning bottle, 10:30, 1:30-2, 4:30 and 7pm / night time bottle. The morning and night bottles are 7 oz and the middle ones are 6, but he typically only takes 5 from those.

On a typical day he may get 2-3 feedings of baby food and I just treat it like it's a fun activity, or more like a snack in between bottles. No set meals yet.

Camden is turning into a little foodie like mama :)
He LOVES anything with sweet potatoes, apples, pears, etc. He loves the sweet stuff! I have still been feeding him some of the food I've made, but also using the Ella's kitchen pouches for convenience. He loves this one and this one! I'm hesitant to try any banana, melon and avocado because there is a history of mild allergies to these foods in my family. So, just trying to be cautious about those. I'm planning on making a batch of carrots and green beans in the Baby Bullet this weekend too. I also thought it may be time to try out little pea sized mushy bites of food to get him to start using his hands to eat. Any advice from you seasoned mommies welcome!

Well, he is definitely rolling a lot more over the past month and uses this form of motion to get to things! He is starting to army crawl a bit, but hasn't quite figured out how to lift himself. He is sooooooo close to sitting up on his own. When he sits in between my legs, he will sit up and lean forward on his own to play with toys for several minutes at a time. If I don't watch him though, he'll lean backwards and fall.

He is still talking (babbling) up a storm and has been screeching at the top of his lungs which is fun when we're in public.

We also spent this first 2 nights away from Camden while on our stay-cation. My parents stayed at our house to watch him and it seemed as though everything went just fine! I'm hoping that will be the case when we leave for Germany for 10 days in July... I'm still really nervous about leaving my baby for that long...

It has been so fun to watch him grow this month and I feel as though he is learning and changing everyday now! It's so fun to watch!

We love you my sweet boy!


  1. He is so darn cute!!! Sounds like he is a great eater which is amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I can't believe he's 7 months old already!! Those leg rolls are to die for!! Precious!!

  3. Look at those chunky legs! I love chunky legs on babies. Sophie's legs have chunked up so much in the past few weeks, I can't get over it.

    Sophie likes to move around her entire crib before she settles down to go to sleep, and it's usually under a blanket with a stuffed animal clutched in her arms.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. Adorable! His facial expressions are priceless! Xo, Stephanie


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