Family Room Makeover

This post is long overdue. We've been working on updating our family room ever since Camden was born. I just remember spending so much time in that dark, dreery room in the winter just loathing the brown on brown ugliness and wishing for a lighter, airy, grey and white room. We bought the marble top coffee table at Crate & Barrel as a floor model that was on sale right before Cam was born. I knew I wanted to decorate the rest of the room around that table.

Brace yourself.... Here's the before....

Ugh... I just cringe looking at that brown on brown room. Bill had purchased the couch and loveseat about 4 years ago (and about 2 years before we got married) when he moved into this home to fill the space. The room before was very masculine with dark wood accents.

He knew it was not my favorite room in the house. We ended up hiring painters for the entire house shortly after we got married. The color on the walls before was a hideous buttery/yellow/tan which made things even worse. I was happy to lighted up the room with the new, lighter cream tone (Sherwin Williams - Buff).

The next big purchase was the sectional. We looked at so many furniture stores I thought I was going to go crazy! Bill and I are very picky about furniture. There was a certain look we were going for and it was very difficult to find. I think our style is a mixture of traditional and contemporary. I'd say this couch is more on the contemporary side and is more minimal without looking too minimalistic (straight lines and edges). We found the sectional at Kittles, a furniture store here in Columbus. The floor model of the couch was a darker fabric, so we had to custom order the couch in the light grey. It took 8 weeks for the sectional to arrive, but it was worth the wait!

I struggled with what to put on the walls above the couch, but found these floating shelves at Pottery Barn and decided they were perfect! I still want to update the frames and photos on the shelves after we get our family photos done.

One aspect I absolutely love about our home is the fireplace... It's rounded into the corner of the family room and adds such great warmth (literally and figuratively). There is a part of me that is dying to white wash the brick, but I think I'm going to leave the original brick the way it is. The house was built in the late 60s and the fireplace is original, so I want to keep that character of the home.

Here's the before shot of the fireplace... It was tough figuring out what to hang over the hearth or put on the mantel. I'm still not 100% happy with what's there, but it works for now. I may end up adding a sunburst mirror there instead of the calligraphy art. (Please note baby Cam in his swing... he was maybe a month or 2 here?)

Here's what we have now...

I found these little accent pieces at Hobby Lobby of course. 

The next purchase was this entertainment/console table we randomly found at Home Goods. It was exactly what I was looking for! I felt like I searched every store online and was so glad I didn't spend triple the amount one this piece at PB or somewhere similar. 

I added some fabric baskets on the bottom shelf to store Cam's toys.

And there you have it folks! 

I feel like it takes me forever to really decorate a room. I'd say there's a few pieces here and there I may switch out, but I'm really happy with the results of this room makeover.

Next up is our bedroom! I'm sure I'll have a before and after post ready for you by early next year at this rate... :)


Sectional (custom fabric) - Kittles
Coffee table - Crate & Barrel (similar)
Curtains - Bed, Bath & Beyond
Throw pillows - Bed, Bath & Beyond
Entertainment/console table - Home Goods
Floating crown molding shelves - Pottery Barn
Gold accents and frames - Hobby Lobby
Calligraphy art - Hobby Lobby


  1. Looks great!! I love the light gray sectional, we are on the hunt for one very similar to that. That console is perfect and such an awesome find for homegoods!

  2. I love how light and airy it feels now!! You did an awesome job gal! I love the pops of gold too.

  3. I love it! The lighter couch brightens everything up so much.. I love the sectional too, it makes it look so less masculine, that's our problem our bedroom looks so masculine because it's dark and just not my style. (It was Kyles). I love how it looks now.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  4. I love the bright & airy feel it has now!! I so want a white/cream/grey couch but, a black dog does not mix with that! Live it all though you did a great job!!

  5. It looks SO good! I'm still in the dark and dreary living room world with Nick's old couch, and I can't waaaait to get rid of it. Your new couch is gorgeous!

  6. Looks so great - I love how airy and bright it is!

  7. I love how the paint color makes the room much brighter and feel more open, that couch looks so comfortable! Great job! Xo, Stephanie


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