Weekend Recap

It was a bitter sweet weekend. Poor Cam came down with his first (what I think is a) cold. He has been so stuffy and cranky for the past few days. He's also been really warm and clammy, but hasn't had an extremely high temp yet. A part of me says teething, but another part thinks it's something more. Luckily, we have his 9 month appointment today so maybe we will get some answers!

Needless to say, we didn't plan much for the weekend. It was kind of nice just relaxing at home and not having to rush anywhere. I'm just trying to enjoy these leisurely weekends while they last because we have a busy September.

Here are a few pics I snapped:

|| We did manage to get out of the house and go for a walk at a local park. I think it was good to get him some fresh air! ||

|| Bill put together this new storage unit for Camden's books! We desperately needed more storage in his room. Before those books were spilling out of bins and on the floor... ||

|| We dined al fresco on our patio Saturday night with some Trader Joe's frozen pizza and homemade salads. I gotta say, I don't hate date nights at home. ||

|| Got these products as recommended from some friends. Anyone use these on their babes? I tried the teething tablets and the baby rub and they seemed to help. I'm a little nervous to try the saline mist... ||

Yesterday was spent soaking in baby snuggles and trying to make my poor little guy feel better. He seemed to feel a bit better towards the evening so here's to hoping he's on the mend!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Poor Cam! I hope he's feeling better! I put a little bit of rub on the kids' feet when their stuffy and some socks over it and it really helps!

  2. My son had his first cold a few months ago. I was worried about using the saline drops but believe me it does wonders!! I use Little Remedies saline drops. The liquid comes out fast so you barley have to squeeze the bottle. My son is not a fan of it but I can't blame him, I wouldn't want liquid going up my nose either. So with that said I work very QUICKLY! One drop in each nostril and then I use blue bulb. I order the bulbs from Amazon (see below) because they tend to get nasty after a few days (even rinsing them out after each use). It's always nice to have them handy when you little one is stuffed up. After a few times you will become a pro at it!


    Also, a few people have told me about rubbing the Baby Vicks on the baby's feet and then put socks. It's a form of aromatherapy. I do this before bed and it seems to help.

    Hope your little one starts to feel better soon!

  3. We ended up giving Sophie tylenol or motrin when her teeth were coming in, along with a lot of chew toys, she never sat still for us to apply something on her gums. I hope Cam feels better, it's no fun for mama or daddy or baby :(

    I love the storage unit for cam too! What a great way to store books and add some more counter space.

    liz jo sundays with sophie

  4. Poor baby- I hope he feels better soon! I'm already anticipating a book storage problem too! That piece is awesome

    1. Thanks! I forgot to add the link, it's from Target!

  5. Love that you guys had an at home date night while Cam was sleeping! Hope the doc appt goes well today!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Poor baby Cam! Hope he's feeling better SOON!!

  7. Poor Cam! :( Hylands teething tablets are my favorite!! Love them! Saline mist/drops are awesome for infants. Matthew was a really stuffy newborn and my peds suggested saline spray and suction once a day and it worked wonders on him. It's my go to whenever either of them has a cold now. Date nights at home are the best- we did the same thing this weekend.

  8. That food looks good -- I also love having at home date nights!!

  9. aww i hope he feels better soon! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. Poor Cam, I hope he is feeling better! It was definitely the perfect excuse to stay home and have a relaxing weekend! Xo, Stephanie


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