Fall Basics || Plaid Shirt

plaid shirt | skinny jeans | booties | marc jacobs bag | monogram necklace | kate spade watch (similar)

Had your fill of awkward wanna be fashion blogger poses yet?
And please don't mind our lovely stained concrete patio...

Anyhoo... I've started to compile and organize a fall capsule wardrobe (more on this concept later) and I'm feeling much more prepared for the season than I was a few weeks ago. I've taken advantage of some sales recently and have been able to keep a lot of my outfits budget friendly, while still feeling stylish and up to date.

I wanted to start sharing my favorite fall pieces in a "fall basics" series on the blog. Over the next couple months I will share photos of outfits that include all my current fall fashion staples. First up, the classic plaid shirt.

Nothing screams 'fall' more than a flannel plaid shirt, am I right? This shirt is so cozy and warm! FYI, I took these photos in 90 degree heat and was sweating immediately after... Oh, the sacrifices we make for the blog!

Also, these booties are most likely going to be a staple this season! They are the perfect neutral shade to go with any outfit and they are so comfortable! I am a huge fan of comfort meets style these days!

Here are some other options for the pieces of this fall ensemble (click on the image to link to the source):

Plaid shirts (all less than $50!)

Dark wash skinny jeans


I hope you enjoy these types of posts! I gotta give props to those fashion bloggers out there! These outfit posts are definitely challenging, but are also so much fun!

What are some of your fashion fall basics?


  1. That shirt is so cute and on trend for fall! You should do a hair tutorial because those waves are perfect!

  2. Love that plaid shirt!! And I agree, you definitely have awesome hair :)

  3. Such a great outfit loving your shirt! And I agree with Lindsay - your hair looks perfect!

  4. Give me allll of the plaid shirts! This is the perfect fall outfit! Can't wait to hear more about the capsule wardrobe - that has always been so intriguing to me!

  5. Don't be hard on yourself! You did a great job & look super cute!! I love the plaid shirt!! I might have to snag me one! & I love these kind of post sprinkled in like you're planning on doing!!

  6. That bag is everything! I've never purchased a MJ but now I'm on the hunt!

    Samantha / www.girlmeetssf.com

  7. Rocking that plaid! You look great :)

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  8. i love this outfit!! that plaid shirt is great. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. That plaid shirt fits you like a glove! I love the colors, too. Looking forward to following along with all your outfits!


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