Quick Weekend Recap

I'm officially in love with cozy, lazy fall weekends with our little family.

Friday night I made a big pot of easy and delicious chili (recipe post coming tomorrow) for dinner. We were in our PJs by 8pm and watching Dateline like old people by 9 and in bed by 10pm. We are super exciting, I know!

Saturday was so cold and rainy. I had plans to maybe take Cam to a pumpkin/apple farm, but we decided to stay in our PJs all day, eat left over chili and watch football. I did, however, get a 5 mile run in Saturday morning at the gym. I can at least say I got out of the house!

Sunday we had a nice little family brunch at Scrambler Marie's and then we all headed to the grocery store for a little meal planning for the week. Our local store actually had a pretty decent display of pumpkins in the front so I thought, what a great photo op for our little pumpkin!
Sunday afternoon was spent at a friends house for a baby playdate. There were 5 babies (Cam was the 'oldest' baby) and 3 toddlers (triplets)! It was so fun to see how Cam interacted with the other babes. He is such an observer! I'm hoping to schedule more playdates in the future and can not wait for all these babes to be buddies when they get older!

Alas, there were no mums or pumpkins purchased for our front porch. This needs to happen this week! I'm craving more fall decor in my life!

How was your weekend?


  1. This is my idea of the perfect weekend! We were in bed by 10pm on Friday night, too - just how I like it :) That picture of Cam is adorable, definitely a framer!

  2. even though you didnt make it to the pumpkin patch thats an adorable photo!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Sounds similar to our weekend except ours wasn't by choice! Lol! I swear you wouldn't know you were at the grocery store if you didn't say so of the pic of Camden!

  4. Your Saturday sounds like ours! Cam is adorable in that photo!! And I'm with you on the need for pumpkins and mums! I feel so behind!

  5. Um, that photo is literally priceless. It is definitely a framer :) Too cute for words!

  6. Love your impromptu pumpkin patch photo :)

    liz jo @sundays with sophie

  7. That Cam is such a cute little pumpkin! A five miler on a Saturday is so impressive and productive! Get it mama!


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