Baby Favorites || Walking/Movement Toys (6 - 12 mos.)

I'm back with round 2 of Camden's favorites series in honor of his upcoming birthday (the 20th)!!

Ever since Camden started sitting up, crawling and pulling himself up onto things, it's like he didn't want to sit still. The toys/entertainment centers/walkers above have helped to keep him busy and release some of that energy!

1 || VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker: This thing is great because he was able to sit and play with it before he started pulling himself up to a standing position (he's just now starting to push it standing up!). There are so many little buttons and gadgets to keep him occupied. I will say, it does have the most annoying barnyard animals sounds and music. BUT, Cam now dances to the music when it comes on and it's the cutest, so we will let that slide...

2 || Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table: I bought this shortly after Cam started pulling himself up onto things. He loves the music and the big buttons. Mom and Dad also appreciate the soothing music and sounds of this one as opposed to the one mentioned above.. :)

3 || Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo: This one was a favorite from about 5/6 months to about 9 months. Cam used to love this thing and would jump and jump and jump! All the little animal toys, lights and music kept him occupied while I did dishes or just watched him entertain himself! Now that he's more into forward movement, we've already packed this one away in the basement for now.

4 || Babies R Us 2 in 1 Walker: I know there are some concerns with these traditional walkers these days, but this one is probably Cam's favorite thing at the moment. Of course, we never let him out of our sight when he's in it (I think that's the main concern) and the small amount of space we have for him to run around in doesn't really pose too much of a risk. He loves chasing us down the hall in his "car"! :) And I think he likes the freedom of movement and the fact that he can maneuver his way around by himself.

There you have it! These were the big 'toys' that have been cluttering up our kitchen/family room for the past 6 months! Hey, if it keeps the kid happy, clutter away! 

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Moms - what are some of your favorite big ticket item toys for your tots?

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  1. I agree with the walker. I heard bad things too but ultimately decided to go for it! I can he's learned how to use his legs together so much better with it. We don't have hugs areas either so it's easy to keep an eye on him at all times! I just bought Cam a wagon/roadster thing and a block table for Xmas so I'm excited about those! Bigger the better these days!!!

  2. great post! i really want to get the first sit and stand toy for violet. she loves pulling herself up to stand lately. and she LOVES her walker and runs all over the house in that thing (we keep in on the first floor so there's no issue with falling down stairs). xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I really wanted to get a walker for Matthew but I was so afraid Miller would push him around and slam him into things lol but we have a sit and stand toy that he loves and the exersaucer is a huge favorite of mine. We have the fisher price version of that activity table that both my boys love.

  4. We have that sit to stand walker and are just using the "sit" version right now and Logan is totally mesmerized by all the things and lights. I totally get what you mean about it being a bit annoying though! haha. I need to get one of those activity tables too!


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