Fall Basics || 3 Thanksgiving Outfits

Can you believe we are a week away from Thanksgiving?
This month is moving along entirely too fast! 

I'm here with my final installment of my Fall Basics series. This week it's all about dressing for my second favorite holiday of the season... The great feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, casseroles, stuffing and pies!

When it comes to dressing for a great feast, like Thanksgiving, you want to have comfort in mind. Particularly in the lower half/pants region. Enter the leggings. My friends, if you do not own a comfy pair of leggings and boots this season, you must get to shopping stat before next week!

Below I have 3 Thanksgiving outfit options for you that each include leggings, boots and my favorite plaid scarfs (#basic).

Outfit #1

The swing dress is one of my favorite trends currently. Not only are they flattering, but they help hide the middle section which is perfect if you are planning to over indulge. 

And I know you are thinking, "short sleeves?"
Yes, short sleeves. Think about being in a home full of people with an oven that's been cooking a turkey all day. You'll get hot. And if you're chilly, that's what the scarf is for! Or, you can have this adorable cardigan on hand just in case. 

Outfit #2

chambray shirt dress || plaid scarf || leggings || boots || socks

This chambray shirt dress is a recent random purchase that turned out to be a winner! It is loose and comfy and still makes me feel put together when I put it on.

Outfit #3

striped long sleeve tunic || puffer vest || plaid scarf  || leggings || boots || socks

I love the layers of this one. The tunic is long enough to wear with leggings (it's even longer in the back). I suggest sizing up in the shirt, it runs a bit snug up top (of course, I'm a bit top heavy), but is loose at the middle.

There are my top 3 outfit picks for Thanksgiving!
Now, which one should I wear?

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I've been super busy this week with getting ready for Cam's party this Saturday!
Hopefully, I will get around to posting a party recap early next week!

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  1. I love them all! You are adorable! Those boots are amazing, are they the ones your got for your birthday?

  2. Comfort is key for Thanksgiving!! Can't believe it's only one week away! I'll be wearing something similar to the third outfit :)

  3. Gorgeous! I love that first one - sometimes it's nice to not have as many layers with so many people crowded around!

  4. K seriously how freaking cute are you? All of those outfits are so cute and so perfect as a Thanksgiving outfit!! I love that cute swing dress, I have a couple myself and they're perfect for everything! The third outfit is my favorite, the gray and boots and everything, so cute! I totally used to have this blogger template! From busy worker bee on etsy, right? Just noticed it :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. You cannot go wrong with any of these outfits - thank you for all the cute inspiration!


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