Fall Basics || Tailgate Ready

This past Saturday, I attended the OSU home football game against Minnesota Golden Gofers. The fun part was that my husband was the OSU mascot in college (Brutus Buckeye) and they were honoring Brutus' 50th Birthday! He was invited down on the field at half time along with over 50 other past Brutuses to help celebrate. We had amazing seats only 5 rows from the field!

I always loved tailgating. In my 20s I would have made it a point to go to campus every home game, even if I didn't have tickets just to tailgate and socialize with friends. Now that I'm a bit older, I have to be honest and say I enjoy watching the games from the comfort of my home a bit more. But, it's always fun to get to go to at least one game per season. There is nothing like the energy and excitement felt at an OSU home football game!

It was pretty chilly that night so I made it a point to layer up. I wore a heavy OSU sweatshirt, puffer vest (that I recently found from h&m!), leggings, my new Sperry quilted rain boots and warm socks. I also brought along a heavier puffer coat just in case it got even colder (which it did). 

The outfit I put together above is not only perfect for tailgating, but for any crisp, chilly fall evening! 

I'm loving these funnelneck sweatshirts from j.crew factory. They look so cozy! Of course, I'm also a big fan of the puffer vest and they help to add an extra layer of warmth. I wore these leggings, but I recently found these fleece lined leggings on nordstrom's website that I may have to add to my legging collection! Duck boots are my new obsession and Sperry has a great line of them available right now. I bought these quilted rain boots that I've been wearing non stop. I also love this shearwater flannel boot option from J.Crew! 

This is the second to last post in my Fall Basics series. Next week I'll be sharing Thanksgiving outfit options. November is going by so quickly already! 

What do you typically wear to tailgate?

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Side note: Bill and I had an amazing anniversary dinner Monday night! Thank you all for commenting and wishing us a happy anniversary!

Also, it's my birthday today! I'm spending the day off work shopping and eating with my favorite people... my mom, Camden and Bill later in the evening! The perfect birthday day! :)


  1. This looks great! I'm definitely checking out those leggings though, always on the market for warm leggins!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  2. Fleece lined leggings?!? Those sound amazing and they're on sale right now! Love those J Crew sweatshirts, too - they look so comfy!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you're having a great day! Love those funnelneck sweatshirts! They look cozy/comfy!

  4. those sweaters look so cozy! have a happy birthday today! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Fleece lined leggings?!! I'm obsessed! Hope you had a happy happy birthday!!


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