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If you haven't already guessed from the lack of posting this month, I'm pregnant with baby #2 due July 4th! Camden is going to be a big brother and we could not be more excited! 

However, this pregnancy has been a bit more brutal than the last time I was pregnant with Cam. The nausea and fatigue have hit me like a ton of bricks over the last 6-7 weeks. I remember feeling sick with Cam, but it was mostly at night. This time it is allll day everyday. And I feel like I could sleep the days away. Every little task seems so exhausting. Trying to take care of a 1 year old it tiring on it's own, but throw in pregnancy symptoms and ughh... I'm officially 13 weeks today, so I'm hoping these symptoms start to fade away soon. I think I remember around 14 weeks is when I started to feel a bit better with Cam, so hopefully just a few more weeks of this!

I really hate complaining about the way I feel because I know there are so many out there that struggle with getting pregnant and we are so lucky to have been able to get pregnant again so soon after our first. 

This time around...
This time around I will NOT be posting weekly 'bump dates'. It was fun for the first few weeks of my first pregnancy, but towards the middle I just felt like I was copying and pasting info from the last week because there really wasn't anything exciting happening. I may post a 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester recap or something like that, but don't expect a weekly update. 

I thought I would go ahead and answer a few questions you may have:

Did you plan to have your babies so close in age? Actually, yes! Bill and his brother are 18 months apart (Cam and baby #2 will be 19 months apart) and he said it was great having someone so close growing up. Also, being that I'm 33 this year, I wanted to be done with having kids by the time I'm 35-36 (just incase we are thinking of having a 3rd... Which, after this pregnancy may not be happening). 

Will you find out the gender? Yes! My Dr actually offers a separate gender ultrasound for an extra cost as early as 14 weeks! We are finding out the gender on January 7th! To be honest, I have no idea what we are having this time around. There are a lot of similarities with Cam's pregnancy, but it's also been a bit worse. I had an instinct with Cam that it was a boy by this time. Some days I think definitely girl, then other days I think another boy!

Will you have another c section? As of right now, I am planning on scheduling another c section with this baby. My Dr does allow a vbac option, but she suggested since the babies are so close in age (and we didn't wait the recommended 2 years inbetween) to have another c section. Also, given that I was induced and labored for 27 hours with pretty minimal progression, I think that c section is the best and safest option.

Did you start to show sooner? Yes! I felt like my belly started to poke out around 8-9 weeks this time around! Of course, I was the only one that noticed and I've been wearing baggy sweaters and tunics to hide it until we were ready to let everyone know. But, there is definitely a baby bump growing!

Let me know if there are any other questions you may have!

I'll be back this week with a little Christmas recap this week. I'll be sharing some of what we got as gifts and our favorite moments. 

PS - Thank you so much to all of you that liked and commented on our IG announcement post! And it was so fun to find out that Katie is pregnant again too!! 


  1. How wonderful!! SO excited for you guys!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Congratulations!!! So excited for you and your family! Can't wait to watch Camden become a big brother!

  3. So so exciting for your little family, congratulations!! Hope you start feeling better soon! I can't imagine feeling lousy and having a toddler to chase around!

  4. Congrats girl! I am so excited for you and loved your announcement! I hope you feel better soon, because being sick and having another kiddo to take care of is one of the toughest things. I can't wait to hear what you're having!!

  5. Awe, congratulations to you and your family! What an exciting time! I hope that you start to feel better soon, too. :)

  6. Congratulations!!! Soo exciting!! Such a great way to start a new year. And the due date of July 4th! Another blog I read her daughter was due that day, I think she came a few days later or earlier though.

    We'd love to have Sophie be a big sister but at the rate we're going we're not too sure, she wears us out!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  7. Congrats again girl, that's so so exciting! Sorry to hear you've been not feeling the best this time around, honestly that's one of my biggest concerns when it comes time for baby #2 because I wasn't sick at all with Henry! But hopefully you'll start feeling better ASAP! Also, I wouldn't have guessed you are almost 33, you look so young! (And I totally mean that in a good way, ha!) Also, so exciting you're finding out the gender so soon! xoxo

  8. Congratulations! I am due with my first on July 2nd! I've been a reader for quite some time but have yet to comment. I am just getting over a stomach bug, brutal. I give you so much credit for raising a 1 year old and dealing with pregnancy symptoms. It's so tough without another child in my house. I am also 33 and we happen to share the same name! Look forward to any posts that you do! Happy almost 2nd trimester to us!

  9. this is SUCH exciting news!! congrats again :) :) ! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. I love that we're pregnant together again ;) we have our anatomy scan on the 7th -- but we aren't finding out! I will have to live vicariously through your news for now! xoxo {av}


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