Little Update

Hi friends! I'm still alive and well, I swear. I've been a little under the weather since Thanksgiving and it's taken all my strength and energy just to get through the day either working from home or keeping up with my little ball of energy 1 year old. I will say that there is no better medicine than baby snuggles and giggles! 

I've been staying cozy in my new comfy PJ pants (on sale for only $8!) and slippers, sipping on hot coffee as much as possible. I ordered and just received this mug in the mail and I am SO happy I did! It really puts me in the holiday mood! It would make a great personalized gift too!

I hopefully will kick this sicky-ness soon and will be back to my old blogging self shortly. Stay tuned! Love you all and happy December!


  1. feel better! love those cozy slippers. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon! I've been dealing with this since Thanksgiving, too and it's NOT fun!

  3. Feel better soon! We've been sick over here too, it's the worst.

  4. Hope you kick the cold soon and start to feel much better! Xo, Stephanie


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