1st trimester recap...

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I can't believe I'm already into my second trimester with baby #2!

I will say that I am happy to say goodbye to the 1st trimester. It has been rough on this mama! The nausea and fatigue this time around have been 10x worse than it was with Camden. I'm not sure if it's just the fact that I'm also taking care of a 1 year old and don't get as much sleep as I used to? But, this baby is definitely making me work for him!

However, I am slowly starting to feel more like myself everyday. I've found my little tricks to help with the nausea during the day and at night when it's at its worst. Peppermint anything seems to help the best for me. I have gum and mints stored all over the house, in my purse and in the car just in case. I've also been sipping on caffeine free Peppermint tea at night before bed. I have noticed if I don't make sure I eat something every few hours, I start to feel sick again. So, I've also made sure to have plenty of healthy (ok, sometimes its Sweedish fish or chocolate...) go-to snacks in the house.

The cravings and aversions are all over the board this time. One thing that is consistent with my last pregnancy is that I crave fruit and fruit juice constantly. I always have to have a glass of OJ or juice in the morning. Sweets are also the norm, but it's more cookies, chocolates and fruity/chewy candy this time instead of ice cream or frozen yogurt (although, I wouldn't say no to a bowl here and there). I'm hit or miss with meat. Chicken or white meat doesn't really appeal to me, but I've recently been having a craving for spaghetti with meatballs. I really try to make sure I get enough protein for the day which is supposed to help with morning sickness. I've been making these protein pancakes (the 1st recipe) for breakfast with low sugar syrup and it helps me get going. Veggies are also hit or miss. Anything green is not appetizing, but I do crave salads every now and then.

We had our gender ultrasound last week (when we found out we are having another boy!) and it was so amazing to see baby #2 squirming around in there! I haven't yet felt any kicks, but am looking forward to when I do!

Again, sorry for the lack of posting as of recent! We are so busy with cleaning and decluttering our house to get it ready to go on the market. Our goal is to get it market ready and list it by the end of this month! We are also starting to search for our new home next weekend! I will keep you all posted!



  1. You look adorable! I hope the nausea goes away more soon!

  2. You look great! I hope you're feeling much better soon, because the nausea and a little one are a tough combo. Good luck with the house!!

  3. So glad you're starting to feel better! And YES to OJ in the morning - I'm drinking a glass right now ;) Obsessed!

  4. Love seeing your bump! Yes peppermint is always the best for soothing nausea! Glad to hear it is helping!

  5. We're only a few weeks apart! Congrats on finding out baby #2 is a boy- how exciting! I am hoping we will find out this week the gender of our baby #2 and can't wait. I have been having the same OJ craving and really any citrus fruit this time around!


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