Feeling the LOVE...

We had a very relaxing Valentine's weekend. We really didn't have anything planned so, my expectations were pretty low this year given the move, Bill's new job, etc etc. 

Friday night, Bill's parents offered to watch Cam so we could have a date night. It had been so long since we have gone out just the 2 of us, so we jumped on the chance. We ended up going to the Movie Tavern and seeing 'Hail Caesar' and having dinner there. We were not very impressed with the movie, but it was nice just spending some quality time together out of the house for a night.

Saturday morning, I met some of my friends and a few of their babes at Sunny Street Cafe for brunch. We had planned a 'babies and brunch' date a while back and unfortunately, a few of the babes ended up being too sick to join, so it was mostly just us moms. Camden and I went and he brought some home made Valentines to give to the other babes... 

I look forward to the time where he brings a decorated mail box to school and has to make real valentines for all his classmates! I feel like I saw so many creative/pinterest-y ideas this year for the valentines! 

After brunch, we just took it easy at the house because it was sooooo cold outside! I was having a craving for pizza, so Bill went out and came home with this...

For a pregnant girl, this is a very romantic gesture! It hit the spot and we ended the night with a marathon of Fixer Upper, one of my favorite binge watching shows at the moment. 

Bill even let me sleep in while he got up with Camden (he is waking up between 5:30 - 6:30 these days... oy!) both Saturday and Sunday. That in itself was a great Valentine's gift! To my surprise I found a beautiful bouquet of red roses waiting for me when I woke up Sunday morning... The Hubs still got it! Even through all the stress and craziness of our lives, he had the time to go get me some flowers for Valentine's day. Yes, he is a keeper for sure! 

I brought home a heart shaped cake from the grocery store for him and that was the extend of my gift for him. I felt like I should have done so much more! He deserves more and I told him once things calm down I promised to cook him a nice meal to make up for it!

This week will be filled with work, preparing for our move (in less than 2 weeks!) and just trying to stay warm! 

How was your weekend and Valentine's Day?


  1. You guys are so sweet and I love all of the heart shaped food! That's the most thoughtful (and delicious!) part :)

  2. That heart shaped pizza is 100% the way to my heart oh and letting me sleep in!

  3. Sleeping in and pizza - smart man!! I'm so excited to follow along with your move. Even though the weather here in CA is amazing, I truly truly miss Chicago and the burbs!

  4. The heart pizza - I love!! Sounds like such a great weekend! xx

  5. Awe, your hubs definitely spoiled you (as he should!). Glad that you had a good weekend together - love Camden's Valentine's, too!

  6. i'd take a heart-shaped pizza any day! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Is that Jets pizza?! I was seeing those all of my Facebook feed and am so mad that we didn't get one! At least I know what our Valentines meal will be next year already ;) Hope the packing is going well!

  8. You had a great Valentine's weekend! I am pleased to see these photographs. The heart shaped pizza is my favorite thing in this party. Thanks for the photos. We attended a fun Valentine's Day event at one of the most prominent party venues MA. It was truly a blasting day for us.


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