Settling In...

Hello blogging world! I am still here, I promise! We moved into our new home in Plainfield, IL a little over a week ago and we've been slowly working on settling in ever since. I do not know how we would have accomplished this move without our movers or the help of both of our immediate families this past week. Especially being pregnant and trying to take care of a toddler all the while... It's definitely not an easy task!

We said goodbye to our first home together on February 25th. It was a bitter sweet day watching the movers pack and load all of our items and furniture out of our home and into the truck. We were able to take one more look around the empty rooms before we had to leave. It felt so surreal to know it would be our last moment in our home.

We took one last photo in front of our home before we had to leave.

That Thursday night we stayed at Bill's parents house and Friday the 26th was our closing day for our new home. We stayed in a hotel Friday night in Naperville and movers showed up to our new home 7am Saturday morning. The following weekend was crazy, but we were so lucky to have help from Bills family. They helped us clean, get settled and helped to watch Cam as we unpacked. 

Although it was sad to say goodbye to our first home, I was excited to get into our new house and get settled. I am loving all the space and the layout is great! I will say that I am not used to these 2 story homes and going up and down stairs everyday. I am extra worn out at the end of the day from not only being pregnant, but also from carrying a toddler up and down the stairs multiple times a day! I have started to make Cam crawl up the stairs now because I am so out of breath if I try to carry him.

Of course, we've been a bit thrown off from the one hour time change which I wasn't expecting. Cam was waking up between 4:30-5am the first few days even with pushing his bedtime back to the normal time (7-7:30pm). I think he just knew he was in a new place. The past few mornings he's been waking up closer to 6am, so I think he is slowly adjusting (thank goodness). 

We have a lot of plans to get the house all set up and decorated the way we like. First order of business is buying and installing window treatments throughout the house. We had to leave our window treatments in our old house as part of our contract. This house had almost no window treatments when we moved in and there are a lot of windows on the first floor, including a 2 story wall of windows in the family room. It kind of feels like we are living in a big fish bowl at the moment! Hopefully, we will be able to get blinds/curtains over the next few weeks.

Also on the top of our list is painting pretty much the entire house. I don't really love any of the paint colors, so we both agreed to hire painters to repaint everything. Hoping to start the estimate process this week as well.

There are a lot of little projects I hope to complete over the next year and I can't wait to share the results!

For now, we are enjoying our new space and looking forward to getting back into our normal routine.

Camden actually starts daycare (3 days a week) this week and I'm super anxious about it! Any mommas out there that have advice for integrating your toddler into daycare would be much appreciated!

Thank you all for your kind words and congrats on my IG and Facebook posts regarding our move and new home!


PS - Did I mention our new house has a pool?! I can't wait for this summer! :)


  1. Yay for a pool!! So excited for you guys. Enjoy decorating. We painted our whole house when we moved back in September and it makes such a difference!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to post updates as we complete them!

  2. Your new home is beautiful! Glad that the move went well and that you're settling in well!

  3. The house is gorgeous, congratulations! I am sure you will make it perfect in no time! I have a feeling Cam will do great at daycare with that happy little face! It will give you some time to work and he will get so much socializing in!!

    1. Thanks, love! I'm excited to post updates soon! I hope Cam loves 'baby school'. This momma is having a hard time with the transition!

  4. Love your new house!! Just wait until you're carrying two babies up and down the stairs all the time, lol! Just think how quickly you'll lose all your baby weight. Cam will be great in daycare- this is such a good time to start him too because as he gets older he's going to need a lot more (playing, activities) from you and the more pregnant you get the harder it is. Plus it will be nice to have a break and have him adjusted before baby #2 get here. Good luck getting settled.

    1. Thank you!! I can't even imagine carrying 2 babies up the stairs! I'm hoping camden will learn how to go up and down by himself soon haha! I was super anxious to drop him off this morning... I think he will learn to love it, just harder on me I think :*/

  5. Wow - what a beautiful house! I can't wait to see how you decorate it, and the pool sounds awesome.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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