What's in Camden's Easter Basket

I've seen a few other blogger/toddler moms post this, so I thought I would go ahead and share as well! It is hard to come up with ideas for what to put inside a toddler's Easter basket since they aren't quite ready for all the candy and sugary goodness. Instead, I opted for practical and fun items that I know he will love!

I found his Easter basket in the Target dollar isle for $3... You can't beat that! I know one day I will want to splurge on the monogrammed PB Easter baskets for the boys, but for now... This one will do!

* He LOVES baths right now, so I knew I wanted to add a little bath toy to his basket. I found these O Ball Scoop 'N Spill bath cups. He loves stackable toys and I know he will just love scooping the water with these!

* I also got him some water/swimming shoes! I am hoping to get him started in swimming classes next month, so I know these will get some great use this spring and summer!

* In keeping with the 'water' theme, I also picked up a water proof football. We can use it in the tub or pool. He is all about any type pf ball right now. In fact, I think his favorite word at the moment is "Ball!" (besides Dada...)

* Bubbles are always a hit with Cam, so it was a no brainer to add some to his basket. He loves to shout 'Bah Bah!' (for bubble) when I blow bubbles for him! 

* Of course, I couldn't completely leave out some tasty treats. He is always snacking on puffs and those yogurt melts. They are great for car rides or for taking with us when we have outings to keep him occupied. 

* Last but not least, a furry bunny! He loves stuffed animals and I know his eyes will light up when he sees this cute little guy!

There you have it! I can't wait to give him his basket this weekend!

What would/did you put in your toddler's Easter basket?


  1. aww so cute! i am doing a similar post this week! i love seeing what other ppl put in their babies basket. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Such a cute basket, I love the water theme :) Rowan loves those yogurt melts too!

  3. Love that you did a water theme! So cute and great ideas!

  4. So cute! You can't beat a good target find!


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